Does Smile Direct Club Work? Our Honest Perspective

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It's time to do something about those crooked teeth. If you are tired of your smile, costing you your confidence, now is the time to take action.

Smile Direct Club offers you an innovation in teeth straightening with its at-home system. There are no trips to the dentist's office, and you'll have a perfectly straight smile in a few months.

Does Smile Direct Club work? It's a common question. After all, the same treatment at the orthodontist's office costs upwards of $8,000. There must be a catch with the SDC product, right?

In this review, we'll take a hard look at SmileDirectClub to determine if it's a viable at-home teeth-straightening solution.

We recommend Smile Direct Club for at-home teeth straightening

Smile Direct Club has tried and true method for teeth straightening with invisible aligners that don't require a visit to the dentist's office


  • Affordable at-home orthodontic teeth-straightening
  • Never set foot in a dentistry
  • Managed remote care from dental professionals
  • The industry leader in at-home dental solutions
  • Works with your insurance
  • Over 1-million satisfied customers – you could be next


  • Not a managed orthodontic solution in your dentist's office
  • There is an initial impression kit [Save $65 with our special offer]

Our Verdict

According to more than 1-million satisfied customers – Smile Direct Club works. The company started correcting smiles in 2013, building its reputation as the industry leader. Today, Smile Direct Club remains a top choice for at-home smile correction, with more people ordering new smiles from the company every day.

We think Smile Direct Club is a great option for anyone looking to correct their smile on a budget. Why spend thousands of dollars on Invisalign when you get the same outcome with Smile Direct Club? You get dedicated care from the Smile Direct Club team, even if it's from a remote location.

With SmileDirectClub, you're investing in your smile with the most reputable at-home aligner system available.

What Is Smile Direct Club?

SmileDirectClub is the leader in at-home teeth straightening. Founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkel, the company has the best track record in the industry, and it's the benchmark for all at-home teeth straightening solutions.

With Smile Direct Club, you get access to proven technology that works for millions of people – and you could be the next success story. Smile Direct Club aligners are a similar teeth-straightening system to the Invisalign system you get from the orthodontist.

However, with Smile Direct Club, you get remotely managed care for a fraction of the cost of Invisalign. Smile Direct Club is making waves in the smile correction industry. Many dentists and even the ADA refuse to acknowledge the Smile Direct Club aligner system as a Class II medical device like the Invisalign system.

However, after reviewing the Smile Direct Club offer and its products, we can confidently say you're getting the same quality treatment as you get with Invisalign, at less than a quarter of the cost.

How Does Smile Direct Club Work?

To start with SmileDirectClub, you need to visit the official website and register. The next step is to order an impression kit or visit one of the many SmileShops for a free scan of your teeth. After collecting your data, the Smile Direct Club team check your impressions or scan to see if you qualify for the treatment.

ADC only works with minor crowding and gapping issues. If you have severe dental problems, they'll refuse to treat you and recommend that you consult with an orthodontist.

However, if you qualify, you make your payment, and the Smile Direct Club build your aligners. After a week or two, you'll receive your aligners in the mail and begin treatment.

Log onto your Smile Direct Club account, and your care agent walks you through the process of using your aligners. The system prompts you when it's time to progress to the next aligner in the series.

By the time you reach the last aligner, your teeth are straight, and you have a perfect smile. Smile Direct Club offers you complete remote management of the process, and you never need to visit an orthodontist during the entire treatment period.

How Do I Start with Smile Direct Club?

Starting with Smile Direct Club is easy. Visit the official website and create an account. Order your impression kit, or visit one of the Smile Shops for a free scan. After your scan, you'll wait a few weeks for the Smile Direct Club dental team to analyze your results.

If you qualify, the Smile Direct Club team notify you through your app. You make your payment, and the Smile Direct Club team takes another week or two to create your set of aligners. They mail them to your front door, and you start your treatment.

Get in touch with your care agent, and they'll guide you through the aligner process, letting you know when you should be transitioning to the next aligner in the series. Unlike Invisalign, where you have to visit your orthodontist's office, with Smile Direct Club, you get your consultation through your laptop or mobile device.

That saves you time and effort in getting to your dental appointment. However, it also saves you thousands of dollars on consulting costs and lab fees with an orthodontic solution like Invisalign.

After you finish moving through all the aligners, you'll have a perfectly straight set of teeth. The treatment times vary from person to person, depending on the severity of your dental issues. Most treatment times take between three to six months.

 If you don't want to wear aligners during the day, Smile Direct Club offers a nighttime solution. These aligners extend your treatment time up to 12-months. However, you only need to wear them for 12-hour a day instead of 22-hours with the standard Smile Direct Club aligner system

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invisalign or Smile Direct Club better?

We recommend going with Smile Direct Club over Invisalign. Invisalign is a managed orthodontic solution, and you'll need trips to the orthodontist's office to control the treatment.

Therefore, the primary difference between Smile Direct Club, Invisalign, and traditional braces is the managed care you get in your orthodontist's office. If that's important to you, then choose braces or Invisalign for your treatment. However, you can expect to pay up to $8,000 for Invisalign, and that's 4X the cost of Smile Direct Club.

What is the success rate of Smile Direct Club?

SmileDirectClub has the best track record in the at-home teeth-straightening industry. According to testimonials on the site, Smile Direct Club has over 1-million satisfied customers around the world.

Does Smile Direct Club take insurance?

Yes! SmileDirectClub works with your insurance company; call the toll-free number on 800-683-9573. If your insurance policy has a clause for orthodontic work, Smile Direct Club falls in this category.


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