girl with clear vs metal braces

Are braces tax deductible?

It might surprise you to learn that your braces or orthodontic aligners qualify as a tax deduction. Isn’t that some great news for 2020?  …


byte all night vs all day

Byte At-Night vs. All-Day Aligners Review: Teeth Aligner Comparison

Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth during the day or at night? At-home aligner systems are a viable choice for fixing your smile. Byte is one of the leading brands in teledentistry, and they have the best at-home aligner offer on the market.   Our Byte-at-night vs all-day aligners review looks…

byte vs invisalign

Invisalign vs Byte: Compare The Top Teeth Aligner Options

Are you looking in the mirror at a mouthful of crooked teeth? Spacing and crowding of your teeth can take away from the first impression with new people in social, business, and romantic situations. Fortunately, there’s a way to resolve your crooked smile, giving you a set of perfectly straight teeth with new technologies that…

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