Candid vs Smile Direct Club: Our Insider Recommendation

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We get it: nobody likes to compromise on their smile. Straight and well-formed teeth not only enhance your smile but also your confidence!

However, wearing braces can often become a social stigma, so not everyone is willing to use them. That said, several orthodontic services such as Smile Direct Club and Candid have recently started to provide affordable alternatives to traditional teeth-straighteners.

But, which of the two is the best, and the one you should go with? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this Candid vs Smile Direct Club review. Once you’re through reading this, you’ll know which one is going to give you the best smile.

So, say cheese, and let’s get going.

It's a close call, but Candid is the winner

candid aligner reviews

We recommend you go with Candid. The orthodontist guided treatment coupled with top notch treatment options make it our top recommendation.  


  • Advantage of working with expert orthodontists
  • The first set of retainers are offered for free
  • Greater emphasis on customer comfort and safety


  • Newer entrant in the market

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We hope that after going through this detailed Candid vs Smile Direct Club review, you’ve been able to get a better idea of which service to go with.

However, if you’re still in doubt, here’s a simple thumb-rule to make things easy. 

If money is not a problem, then go with Candid by all means. But if you’re banking more on a combination of affordability and significant experience, Smile Direct Club takes the cake.

Candid Vs Smile Direct Club Detailed Comparison

What Do Candid And Smile Direct Club Offer?

First, let’s briefly look at what Candid and Smile Direct Club are and the services they offer. In a nutshell, they are online orthodontic services that provide custom-made aligners for teeth-straightening.

These services send the aligners for all your teeth simultaneously and assign a dentist (or an orthodontist) who works to keep tabs on your treatment progress. The entire task is done remotely, but they also offer the option of physical studio visits.

How Do These Services Work?

Now that we know what these two services are all about, let’s look at how they work. The fundamental operating procedure which each follows is identical, though there are specific differences which we’ll discuss later.

For availing of either Candid aligner or Smile Direct Club, you’ll have to order a test kit online to get your teeth scanned. In case you want this done for free, you can also visit a physical studio to get the scans done.

Once the professionals decide that you’re suitable for the service, you’ll be provided with custom aligners and treatment plans. Both these items would be mailed directly to your home.

After getting the aligners, you must wear them at all times. Only take them out when you’re eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Here, we’d like to mention that Smile Direct Club also offers overnight-only plans, which can be suitable for those unwilling to wear aligners during the day.

Aligners should be changed periodically as per your treatment plan; you should also remember to keep in touch with your designated dentist or orthodontist. Finally, once treatment is complete, make sure you purchase a set of retainers to maintain your teeth.

How They Differ

From the above sections of our Candid vs Smile Direct Club review, we hope you’ve got a clear idea of their similarities. Now, we’d like to focus a bit on the differences as well.

The first crucial difference between the two that must be mentioned is that Candid uses only orthodontists who specialize in straightening teeth. Smile Direct Club, on the other hand, employs both dentists and orthodontists experienced in teeth alignment.

Regarding the starter kit, both services offer pretty much the same equipment, the only difference being that Candid includes a bite guide in the package. However, Smile Direct Club does make up for this by providing you with specialized “Chewies” that you can use to get a tighter fit.

The next significant difference between the two services comes in terms of the length of treatment. While SmileDirect Club offers an average treatment length of only 4-6 months, it can go up to a maximum of 11 months for Candid. Also, Candid offers virtual check-ins every 10 days, whereas, for Smile Direct Club, the gap is 90 days.

Advantages And Disadvantages for Smile Direct Club

So, now that you’ve gone through both Smile Direct Club and Candid reviews, which one should you go with? To help you understand that question and answer it better, here’s a quick roundup of both services’ significant advantages and disadvantages.

Smile Direct Club Advantages:

  • Easy teeth realignment from the comfort of your home
  • Doesn’t impose any food restrictions
  • Affordable and accepts insurance
  • Users won’t face any problem while brushing

Smile Direct Club Disadvantages:

  • Aligners suitable only for less complicated cases
  • Customer service leaves a lot to be desired

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Much Does Candid Cost?

Thought you’d never ask! Candid is a rather costly service, with starter kits coming at $95 and one-time payment costs pegged at $2,400. What’s more, you can even opt for partial-payments as low as $99 every month. Keep in mind that you get a full refund on the starter kit if you’re not a candidate.

Is Invisalign Better Than Candid?

This is a question that’s bound to bug most would-be users, and with so many other options such as Byte and Invisalign, comparisons are bound to arise. If you ask us, the answer varies on a case-by-case basis.  For severe dental misalignments, or if you prefer in-person dental care, Invisalign is the better option. However, if you’re looking for a faster treatment mode that’s more affordable, Candid is your best bet.

What’s Cheaper: Candid Or Smile Direct Club?

In case you’re looking to get Smile Direct Club services, you’ll have to shell out $59 for the starter kit (refundable). Monthly plans start at $89/month, and one-time payment is pegged at $1,950. So, seen from a purely monetary perspective, Candid is the more expensive service.

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