Smile Love vs Smile Direct Club: Detailed Comparison

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Are you thinking about straightening your crooked teeth? Correcting your smile is a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

In this post, we'll look at two of the leading companies in at-home smile correction. Our review of Smile Love vs Smile Direct Club unpacks everything you need to know about fixing your teeth with these solutions.

It's a close call, but Smile Direct Club is the winner

Smile Direct Club wins our comparison in this review. While the Smilelove option looks good, we have to go with the leading name in at-home smile correction. SmileDirectClub has a 6+ year track record as the industry leader, with more than a million satisfied clients.

You'll probably save a few hundred dollars with Smilelove, but we feel the treatment quality is better with Smile Direct Club.


  • The world-leader in at-home smile correction
  • Free scanning at SmileShops
  • Affordable treatments
  • Managed care
  • Available internationally
  • Teeth whitening included


  • Not as cheap as Smilelove
  • There is an initial impression kit [Save $65 with our special offer]

Smile Love vs Smile Direct Club – What Is At-home Teeth Straightening?

Right now, you might seem a bit confused. Don't you have to do teeth straightening with an orthodontist?

Sure, typically, most people visit the orthodontist to resolve the problem. The orthodontist recommends solutions like braces and Invisalign to resolve minor gapping and crowding issues with your teeth.

The Invisalign system is a set of clear aligners design to pull your teeth straight gently. With at-home teeth straightening solutions like Smile Direct Club and Smilelove, you're getting the same product as Invisalign.

However, while Smilelove and Smile Direct Club involve the use of clear plastic aligners to fix your teeth, they come with a much lower treatment cost compared to braces and Invisalign.

Since you're not visiting the orthodontist for treatment, you don't have to worry about consulting fees, lab fees, and travel costs.

Instead, a team of qualified dental professionals remotely monitor your treatment, ensuring you get the same results as Invisalign.

Smile Love vs Smile Direct Club – What's the Difference?

With Smile Direct Club, you're dealing with the market leader in at-home smile correction. You get access to qualified dental professionals through your account and guaranteed results. Smile Direct Club teeth straightening has a solid track record, with more than 1-million satisfied customers.

Smilelove aligners have a good reputation, but they don't have the track record of SmileDirectClub. However, apart from the price and reputation, there isn't much difference in these companies' offerings.

However, we think the teeth whitening kit from Smile Direct Club included with your purchase offers better performance than the whitening solution included with the Smilelove alternative.

Smile Love vs Smile Direct Club – Comparing Costs

SmileClubDirect and Smilelove have similar price points, with both companies coming in at under $2,000 for the treatment. Smilelove offers you a cash price of $1,895, which is slightly more affordable than the $1,950 for the SDC aligner system.

Smilelove includes the cost of the impression kit with your order, whereas Smile Direct Club charges $59. However, if you visit a SmileShop, you get a scan for free, and there's no need to order the impression kit

Both companies offer in-house financing with no credit check. With Smile Direct Club, you'll pay $250 down, with 24-monthly payments of $89. Smileloves financing option requires $250 down, but with 24-monthly installments of 62, making it slightly cheaper.

Both companies work with insurers. Call the customer support department of your insurance company to see if you qualify for a copayment using code D8040.

SmileLove Pros and Cons


  • The cheapest smile alignment system


  • No international orders. US and Canada only
  • Requires extra payment for additional aligners
  • No scanning options

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start with Smile Direct Club?

Starting with Smile Direct Club is easy; visit the official website and order your impression kit. Alternatively, visit the SmileShop for a free scan and discuss your treatment plan with the store's friendly consultant.

Is Smilelove legit?

Yes, Smilelove is a legit at-home teeth-straightening solution. Visit the company website, and you'll find plenty of customer testimonials and videos. Smilelove also has a 4.8-star ranking from thousands of verified reviews.

How is Smile Direct Club vs Braces?

SmileDirectClub is around a third of the cost of orthodontic braces. With SDC, you get removable aligners, whereas braces offer you a fixed solution.

What are Smile Direct Aligners made of?

Just like all leading at-home aligner brands, such as Byte and Candid, SmileDirectClub aligners feature design and construction with 100% BPA-free plastic.

How much are Smile Direct Aligners?

SmileDirectClub charges you $1,950 for the cash price on its aligner system. The price of the day and nighttime aligners are the same, and you have the option of taking it on credit. Financing with SmilePay costs $250 down, with 24-monthly payments of $89.


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