Smile Direct Teeth Whitening Reviews – Does It Work?

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We all love our espresso in the morning, but it's giving our teeth a beating. Whether it's from coffee, smoking, or a few too many glasses of red wine, stained teeth don't look attractive. Your yellow smile is doing nothing for your first impression, and it's time to change that.

The teeth-whitening industry is experiencing a boom, with everyone wanting the pearly-white smile of their favorite influencer. Whether you want a brilliant smile like Kylie Jenner or Conor McGregor, a teeth-whitening kit can help you lighten your teeth a few shades.

Looking through Smile Direct teeth whitening reviews, we think that this teeth whitening kit offers excellent value for money. So, what is Smile Direct Club's whitening kit? Does it work, and how can you get your hands on one today?

SmileDirect Teeth Whitening Kit


High quality, proven ingredients that compare to those used at the dentist's office.  Include a durable, LED light that is hands-free and can be cell-phone powered.  


Has been shown to work three times faster than traditional whitening strips.  Uses the same ingredients used at the dentist's office at a faction of the cost


The kit only costs $40 and includes a 6-month pen supply.  This cost is 60% less than what teeth whitening would cost at the dentist's office.   

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Given our experience with countless teeth whitening products and dozens of trips to the dentist, we have found the Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit to be one of quickest and most effective solutions.  

Unboxing Your SmileDirect Whitening Kit

When you receive your whitening kit, it comes with nine whitening pens. According to the information on the site, that's equivalent to two complete whitening treatments. You also get an LED mouthpiece, along with a storage and carry case.

The LED device charges through your smartphone or smartphone charger, and it's a similar system to the Glo Brilliant Whitening Device.

The entire kit comes for $74, which is a fantastic value when you compare it to the Glo Science that retails for $199.

How Do You Use the Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Device?

When you want to try your first whitening treatment, all you need to do is twist one of the whitening pens filled with the whitening formula and line the mouthpiece and your teeth. Pop in the LED mouthpiece and turn it on to activate the whitening formula.

After your 5-minute treatment ends, you remove the mouthpiece and unplug it from your phone. Clean it and store it away for your next treatment. Spit out the excess whitening formula, and don't eat or drink foods that might stain your teeth, such as coffee, for 12 hours.

SmileDirectClub recommends following this protocol twice in the morning and twice in the evening for four total sessions during the day. You'll have to repeat the treatment every 6-months for best results.

Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening User Experience

The SmileDirectClub whitening kit provides a user-friendly experience. We like that you can tether the mouthpiece to your phone, allowing you to avoid the hassle of using an outlet.

There's plenty of whitening gel in each pen, and we got three treatments out of the nine pens. When you run out of formula, replacement pens are $29 for a 4-pack.

SmileDirectClub state that they use the same formula as professional cosmetic dentists, but at a fraction of the cost, working out to $40 a treatment is more like $25 per treatment thanks to the extra gel in the pens.

Most other whitening formulas leave your teeth and gums feeling sensitive for a few days after use. However, with the SmileDirectClub whitening formula, you experience no sensitivity and excellent whitening results.

One of the main reasons we liked Smile Direct Club's teeth whitening was that the Bright Boost formula provides an opportunity to get up to 9 shades whiter in just one week. 

Smile Direct Club – The Final Verdict

The SmileDirectClub whitening kit works. It promises to make your teeth whiter after the first sessions, and it delivers on its promises. After two applications, your teeth should be up to three shades lighter.

  • Works 3-times faster than whitening strips
  • Uses the same professional whitening formula as cosmetic dentists
  • The formula gives no teeth or gum sensitivity
  • 5-minute whitening sessions for effective whitening action

For fast, noticeable whitening, check out the Smile Direct Club whitening kit. You get excellent results at a fraction of the price of leading whitening systems. The convenience of the kit and the generous gel servings make this kit excellent value for money.


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