Novashine Reviews: Is it Legit?

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Everyone deserves a bright, white smile. Is your smile ruining your self-confidence? Flashing dirty teeth at people is no way to make a first impression.

Fortunately, there is help. Novashine offers you an at-home whitening solution to revolutionize your smile. According to Novashine reviews, you'll start noticing results after two to three 15-minute sessions per day.

Sound interesting?

Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit


The kit is effective after only 2 uses and includes safe and patented ingredients.  Protects without damaging enamel or causing sensitivity.    


Guarantees white teeth after just 2 uses and only needs to be used 15 minutes a day.  


The kit retails for just under $60 on Amazon.  The price point is attractive relative to other options including teeth whitening at the dentist.  

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Crest's teeth whitening kit has rave reviews from customers and doesn't break the bank.  It's a great option to try if you want a convenient option from your home.   

What Is the Novashine Whitening Kit?

Novashine is the brainchild of three talented college graduates from the University of Missouri. The trio noticed that most whitening treatments resulted in teeth sensitivity, and they decided to change the game. Launching in 2017, Novashine introduced an innovation in tooth whitening.

The company utilizes a specialized whitening formula in its gel that delivers fast results. The company claims its more effective than other leading whitening systems like Crest strips. If you check on the company's Instagram feed, there are tons of positive reviews.

The Novashine kit comes with a Blue-light LED mouthpiece, whitening gel, USB adapter, and a carry bag. You get around 22-treatments from the kit, and that's enough to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades.

You have the option of adding refill bundles to your whitening kit to save money. Novashine also produces Novashine gel, a whitening toothpaste designed to enhance your smile.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Crest Teeth Whitening Light


  • Affordable at-home teeth whitening
  • No need to visit the dentist's office
  • Get your self-confidence back with a bright, white smile
  • Safe teeth whitening


  • The disposable light system not meant for long-term use
  • May cause teeth sensitivity with extended use

How Does the Novashine Whitening Kit Work?

According to Novashine reviews, you start your treatment using the mouthpiece and the whitening gel. Fill the upper and lower tray with the whitening gel, and bite down on the tray to let the gel coat your teeth.

Plug the USB-C adapter into your mobile device, and it instantly comes to life. You'll notice a blue glow emanating from the device, and it's visible through your mouth. The blue light from the device enhances the efficacy of the whitening gel, fast-tracking your results.

The device features a built-in timer set for 15-minutes. After your session ends, the timer alerts you, and you remove the device.

Rinse out your mouth, and clean out the device before returning it to the carry bag. We recommend using the Novashine whitening kit after brushing your teeth. For the best results, brush your teeth with the Novashine gel before starting your treatment.

How Do I Start with Novashine?

You can sign up with Novashine on the website. Order individual products, refills, or kits, and follow Novashines Instagram account for real-world Novashine reviews you can trust.

The whitening kit is affordable at $59.99, and the Whitening toothpaste sells for $9.95 per tube. There's a combo deal on the whitening kit and a tube of toothpaste, selling at $68. 94 – but that's not much of saving off the regular retail price.

The site does have a good deal on the whitening kit and a three-month supply of gel refills for $73.99 on sale. That's a good price for the system, and you'll see noticeable results from this treatment.

We couldn't find any coupons or Groupons for Novashine, and there's no site-wide promotion price. However, we recommend signing up for the email list, and you might get deals on refills from time-to-time.

Novashine process order in 24 to 48-hours, with all parcels shipped through Priority Mail services, including tracking numbers. You should receive delivery within a week from placing your order.

Novashine vs Hismile – Which Is the Better Whitening System?

According to Novashine before and after reviews, it's the most impressive whitening system on the market. You get remarkable results after a few sessions, and it's an affordable system.

HiSmile offers you everything you get with the Novashine kit, including the light device, gel, and toothpaste. However, it's around $20 more for the same kit. The site offers a 20% discount, but that still makes it more expensive than the Novashine deal.

Novashine – The Final Verdict

Novashine is an affordable whitening kit that delivers lasting results. It's a great deal and compares with the other top whitening systems.

Is Novashine safe?

Yes, Novashine does not contain any harmful ingredients, and meets the FDA limits for whitening ingredients.

Is Novashine bad for your teeth?

No, Novashine will not damage your teeth. It's safe for use on the enamel, and there is no UV light to damage your teeth or gums.

Can you use Novashine with braces?

No, you shouldn't be using any whitening system with braces. If you feel like you need to whiten your teeth, wait till you remove the braces first. Whitening your teeth while wearing braces leads to discoloration.


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