Lumineux Whitening Strips Reviews: Insider Verdict

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Were you staring at your reflection the mirror this morning, wishing you had whiter teeth? A set of bright, white teeth gives a great first impression, but yours are looking a little yellow. Perhaps you need to slow down on the coffee.

However, many whitening products rely on hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient in the whitening formula. This ingredient can recede your gumline and demineralize your teeth. In our Lumineux whitening strips reviews, we’ll unpack a natural whitening alternative for your teeth.

Lumineux is a new brand in oral hygiene, offering a select range of products. Their whitening strips claim to be all-natural, making them an attractive alternative to traditional whitening strips.

Lumineux Oral Essentials Whitening Strips Reviews

We recommend Lumineux Oral Essentials teeth whitening strips because of the following characteristics:

  •  Natural ingredients that are plant and mineral based including Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, and Lemon Peel Oil
  • Starts to work in 30 minutes with results in 2 weeks
  • No use of bleach or toxic chemicals


The whitening strips are made with top quality ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or SLS.  It includes a unique blend of Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, and Lemon Peel Oil.


The whitening strips bring results in 7 days with consistent use.  Note that to get optimal efficacy, you should not eat or drink within 30 minutes of using.  


The price is a great value, with 21 treatments available for $50 on Amazon.  This is completely worth the results given that this would be in the $100s of dollars at a dentist office.  

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

How Do You Use Lumineux Whitening Strips?

The Lumineux whitening strips are easy to use. You put a strip on the top teeth and one on the bottom teeth, and leave them there for 10-minutes. After your treatment time is over, remove the strips and throw them away.

The Lumineux whitening kit comes with a pack of whitening strips, a tube of whitening toothpaste, and some whitening mouthwash. Like the strips, the other products feature an all-natural formulation.

What are the Pros and Cons of Lumineux Whitening Strips


  • All-natural ingredients in the whitening formula
  • Safe for your tooth enamel and gums
  • The best choice for people with sensitive teeth
  • Removes hardened stains in one week
  • No hydrogen peroxide in the whitening strips
  • 28-strips for two weeks of treatments


  • Some people claim the whitening isn’t as effective as hydrogen peroxide formulas
  • May cause teeth sensitivity with extended use

How Often Do You Use Lumineux Whitening Strips?

According to Lumineux oral essentials reviews, it’s safe to use these whitening strips every day if you want. We recommend trying them for two weeks and checking on your results. Reviews claim you’ll see a noticeable difference after a few days of treatments.

How Do I Order Lumineux Whitening Strips?

Lumineux teeth whitening strips are available on the website. You can sign up for a subscription and save 25% off the retail price.

The standard retail price is $37.99 for 28-strips. You get 2-weeks of treatments with the package and a discount of $5.70 when you sign up for the subscription at $32.29. With the subscription, you get a fresh supply of whitening strips once a quarter.

Lumineux Whitening Strips Reviews – The Verdict

According to our oral essentials whitening strips reviews, this brand is the real deal in natural teeth whitening products. The Lumineux Whitening Strips are effective, despite the lack of hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients.

The natural Lumineux whitening formula in the strips is non-toxic and not harmful to your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide can lead to enamel problems and receding gums. Rather go with Lumineux if you want an organic touch.

Lumineux Whitening Strips are a great choice for people with sensitive teeth. The all-natural formula ensures you don’t experience any sensitivity during the whitening process.

Will Lumineux Whitening Strips Damage My Teeth?

No, Lumineux is an all-natural product. There are no harmful ingredients in the formula. Unlike other whitening strips that rely on hydrogen peroxide for the whitening action, Lumineux relies on natural ingredients instead.

Are Lumineux Whitening Strips a Permanent Whitening Solution?

No, Lumineux whitening strips are not a permanent whitening solution. However, since you’re using a natural tooth whitening product, it’s safe to use it as often as you like. The Oral essentials Lumineux whitening kit comes with natural whitening toothpaste, strips, and mouthwash.

Do I Need to See a Dentist Before Ordering Lumineux Whitening Strips?

No, you can order your Lumineux whitening strips or oral healthcare kit directly from the site with no prescription needed. Your dentist won’t have anything to complain about since you’re using natural products.


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