iSmile Teeth Whitening Reviews: Can this Kit Brighten Your Smile?

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Are you looking in the mirror wishing you had whiter teeth? A bright, white smile makes all the difference in a first impression, and it says a lot about how you take care of yourself. If you have ugly yellow stains on your teeth from drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or drinking red wine, it's time to freshen up your smile.

iSmile is a next-generation teeth whitening system designed to rejuvenate your smile. We looked through iSmile teeth whitening reviews to check if this company is the real deal or a scam. In this post, we'll examine the offering to see if it's value for your money or a waste of time.

iSmile claim its kit comes with everything you need to lighten your teeth by eight shades in 7-days. The company says you'll see results in a week, or you get a money-back guarantee. Let's put iSmile to the test and see how they perform.

iSmile Teeth Whitening Review


The iSmile teeth whitening formula guarantees results, using an FDA-approved formula featuring a 35% carbamide peroxide for best results.


The extremely effective ingredients allow you to see results in as little as 7 days.  


The kit only costs a little over a $100.  This cost is significantly less than what teeth whitening would cost at the dentist's office.   

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

The iSmile Teeth Whitening system works extremely quickly and can bought on Amazon allowing you to get to your doorstep in 1-2 days!

iSmile Teeth Whitening Reviews – How Does iSmile Teeth Whitening Work?

The iSmile whitening kit is a great choice for brightening up your teeth. The iSmile teeth whitening formula guarantees results, using an FDA-approved formula featuring a 35% carbamide peroxide for best results.

You apply the gel to the mouth tray of the iSmile, and fill it with the prescribed whitening gel on the upper and lower tray. Fit the tray into your mouth, and bite down to spread the gel around your teeth. The tray provides a universal fit to any size mouth and doesn't require any molding. You get a comfortable and effective fit for your treatment.

Switch on the blue light device, and the five powerful blue-light LEDs emit a strong beam into your mouth, activating the gel. The light enhances the whitening effect of the iSmile gel, resulting in a quick treatment time that's effective and non-toxic.

The blue-light device comes with an integrated 10-minute timer, letting you know when to end the session. After your treatment, we recommend rinsing out your mouth, but brush your teeth before using the iSmile.

What Do I Get with the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit LED Light?

When ordering your iSmile, you should receive free shipping on your order anywhere in the United States. Expect your parcel to arrive in three to seven days after receiving your shipping notification. Track your order through the shipping portal on the site to keep an eye on things.

When unboxing your iSmile, you can expect to find the following contents.

  • The iSmile Blue-light LED whitening device
  • Four 3ml Syringes of Whitening Gel (mint flavor)
  • Mineral Desensitizing Gel
  • Universal Gel Mouth Tray
  • iSmile User Manual

We like how they include batteries for the device; that's a handy touch. This kit has everything you need for 22 treatments, and a reusable Blue-light LED device.

There's some debate about these devices having a long service life. Some models are disposable due to the degradation of the lumen count in the LEDs after finishing the treatment.

iSmile Teeth Whitening Reviews – How Do I Start with iSmile?

iSmile make it super easy to start with its products. Visit the website, and you have access to the kits and secondary products directly through the home page.

This company focuses on a holistic oral care offering with its whitening kits, refills, and toothpaste, creating a well-rounded offering for anyone looking to brighten their smile.

iSmile compare with most other companies offering whitening products. The iSmile comes with a 50% discount off the regular $96 price tag, making it an affordable $48 for the kit. The site gives you a time limit to take action on the offer, asking you to close the deal in 15-minutes or less.

The gel refills sell for $32 for a 4-pack of syringes, with enough gel for 22 treatments. We like the activated charcoal toothpaste available on the site. This stuff may turn your mouth into a blackened coal pit when you're brushing, but the results are outstanding with regular use. The toothpaste sells for $32, but they often sell out of this product, so keep checking back if it's out of stock.

 The whitening pens sell at $24 for a two-pack, and the site offers you a 10% discount coupon when navigating away from the main page. Use the discount code STAY10 to get a further 10% off your first order. The company is so confident you'll love its products, they offer a money-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders.

What are the Pros and Cons of the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit?

Reviewing the iSmile before and after photos on the site yields some impressive results. However, the proof is in the pudding, and independent reviews show this whitening system works. Let's review the pros and cons mentioned by real iSmile users.


  • An affordable and effective way of enhancing your smile
  • Real results in 7-days
  • Easy to use with a non-abrasive or damaging whitening formula
  • Refills available
  • Support products like toothpaste available


  • Takes longer to remove heavy stains from smoking or red wine

ISmile Teeth Whitening Kit FAQ

Q: iSmile whitening how to use?

A: According to iSmile whitening kit reviews, using iSmile is easy and requires only 10-minutes a day for lasting results with brightening your smile.

Q: How often should you use iSmile?

A: You can use your whitening kit and blue light device once a day, preferably before bed. After ten to 11-days of using the iSmile, we recommend taking a few weeks off before your second treatment.

Q: Is iSmile safe to use?

A: Yes, iSmile is the brainchild of a team of dentists with a mission of providing better smiles to the world.

Q: Is iSmile FDA approved?

A: The iSmile formula contains a 35% carbamide peroxide formula approved for use by the FDA.

Q: How long does iSmile last?

A: The iSmile whitening kit comes with everything you need to whiten your teeth by 8-shades in seven days. Your kit comes with four syringes for 22-treatments in total, and dentists recommend you don't use it for more than 11-days in a row before taking a break for two to three weeks.


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