Crest Whitening Light Reviews: Insider Verdict

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Are you thinking about brightening your smile? According to Crest whitening light reviews, this system can give you a bright, white set of teeth with a few applications. The company claims it can remove 10-years of deep, tough stains, with 15-years of advanced whitening technology in its blue light LED device.

Crest is a Proctor & Gamble brand, and Peter Sagel was the inventor of the whitening strip product back in 1997. Peter didn't have a hard time selling the idea to management. He whitened his teeth using the product the day before his presentation, and the rest is history.

In this post, we'll unpack everything you need to know about Crest whitening strips. Our Crest teeth whitening kit review will give you an unbiased and honest review of this whitening system.

Crest Teeth Whitening Light Kit


The LED light is powerful but  extremely lightweight and sturdy.  The strips are extremely easy to use while being effective and we can are enamel safe.  


The whitening kit provides results that last up to 36 months with results see in 10 days. 


The price of the kit varies depending on where you buy it, but Amazon has some of the lowest prices and fastest shipping times.  The overall cost is way cheaper than whitening at the dentist.  

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Crest's teeth whitening kit has rave reviews from customers and doesn't break the bank.  It's a great option to try if you want a convenient option from your home.   

How Does Crest Whitening Work?

The Original Whitening kit from Crest contains 14-treatments. You get the option of using the 3D whitening strips alongside the Crest whitening light to speed up your progress. The whitening compound on the strips contains a specialized formula, featuring peroxide as the primary bleaching agent for your teeth.

You attach the strips to your teeth and then bite down on the blue light device. Activate the whitening light, and wait for ten to 15-minutes for the treatment to work. Complete this treatment once a day for two weeks, and you'll be on your way to a brighter, whiter smile.

We recommend brushing your teeth before using the Crest Whitening Strips. The built-in timer to the light device lets you know when the treatment is over. After finishing your whitening session, remove the strips and rinse out your mouth with water – don't brush your teeth again.

The Crest whitening strips and light come as a complete kit. The batteries in the light device have enough power to get you through the 14-day treatment. After finishing your treatment, you'll need to throw away the light device (please remember to recycle!)

What are the Pros and Cons of the Crest Teeth Whitening Light


  • Affordable at-home teeth whitening
  • No need to visit the dentist's office
  • Get your self-confidence back with a bright, white smile
  • Safe teeth whitening


  • The disposable light system not meant for long-term use
  • May cause teeth sensitivity with extended use

How Do I Start with Crest Whitening?

You can get a Crest whitening boost by ordering your whitening strips on the website. The shop section of the site offers the Original Whitening Kit for $70, which we feel is somewhat expensive than other similar whitening products.

The Express Whitening Kit sells for $75 and promises faster results. The Crest strips are available for use without the blue light device. You get a set of 3D whitening strips and eight fee Express Whitening Strips included in your package.

The Gentle Whitening Kit is the better choice for users with sensitive teeth. It sells for $70, which is above the average selling price for most whitening systems, and you get a light device included with the kit.

The 3D Whitening Strips come in an original flavor and Arctic Mint and Charcoal Mint flavors. Overall, the Crest Whitening Kit is about $10 more than other offerings like the Novashine kit.

What Do Reviews Say About the Crest Whitening Kit?

According to Crest whitening light reviews, the system does work, producing noticeable results after a few days of use. However, there are reports of teeth and gum sensitivity. Crest does manufacture a "Gentle" whitening kit for people with sensitive teeth, but we feel it might be the overuse of peroxide causing these issues.

Still, the company has plenty of positive reviews online, with Reddit users stating the whitening system works. Choose the kit that suits your lifestyle, and start your journey to a brighter, whiter smile.

Crest Whitening Light Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Overall, the Crest whitening system provides some good results. We think it's not as effective as the Other offerings from leading brands like Novashine.

We don't like the disposable light device and feel this is a waste of money and materials. There are some reports of sensitivity in the teeth and gums after using Crest 3D Strips.

We also find it annoying that the strips don't cover all your teeth. Crest claims it only wants to whiten the teeth visible to other people. However, it does work, and the Crest whitening strips helps to remove stubborn stains.

Can I use blue light with regular Crest white strips?

Yes, you can use the blue light with the regular Crest whitening strips.


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