Best Teeth Whitening for Smokers [2022 Verdict]

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Best Teeth Whitening Kit for Smokers

According to research from the CDC, 34-million Americans light up every day. Smoking is tough to quit, and smokers experience the onset of stains on their teeth after several years of enjoying the habit.

As a result of the stains, many smokers feel embarrassment with the state of their teeth.

Our Top Teeth Whitening Recommendations


Crest 3D White Professional Effects Kit

These Crest Whitening strips are our top pick for those with smokers

  • Removes 14 years of stains
  • Professional level teeth whitening solution that lasts 12 months 
  • Extremely fast results

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

All-in-one teeth whitening solution that includes accelerator light

  • Kit includes (2) 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide and a total of 20+ whitening treatments
  • Made in the USA
  • Use only once a day for 30 minutes

Why Does Smoking Stain Your Teeth?

Many people think that nicotine is the primary agent responsible for staining your teeth. While it's true that nicotine does cause a slight yellowing effect, it's not the real issue. Cigarette manufacturers mix tobacco juice with a customized cocktail of over 7,000-chemicals.

They call this dark-brown liquid, the "mother liquor." It's how the brands control the level of nicotine and ignition propensity of the cigarettes. Manufacturers spray the mother liquor on the tobacco before sending it to the production line to roll into cigarettes.

When you smoke, you burn the tobacco laced with the mother liquor, and that's what's really staining your teeth. That's why people who vape only experience a light mild staining effect after years of use. However, long-term smokers get deep, ugly brown stains in their teeth, especially around the gumline.

Can the Nicotine in Cigarettes Permanently Stain Teeth?

The staining in your teeth is somewhat treatable. The reality is that you'll never be able to get rid of severe smoking stains completely. The extent of the staining depends on the duration of your habit.  Check out our Snow Teeth Whitening Review as well for one our best recommendations.  

If you're a heavy smoker and have severe staining on your teeth and gum line, you'll need professional help. However, if you have an excellent oral hygiene program, and see a dental hygienist twice a year, you can scrape away the stains before they get out of hand.

If you have severe staining, visit your dentist, and they'll unpack a treatment plan to help restore your smile. In some cases, people who have only been smoking for a few years can maintain their smiles and slow the staining spread. 

Are there OTC Teeth Whitening Options for Smokers?

Take a walk down the dental care aisle of your local supermarket, and you'll see downs of brands offering specialized toothpaste formulas for smokers. Along with the toothpaste, you have options for smoker's mouthwash and even whitening strips.

All these non-medical interventions can help to reduce the staining effect on your teeth. However, it's important to note that most of these products rely on a chemical called hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients. The hydrogen peroxide is responsible for creating the whitening effect in many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash products.

The issue with hydrogen peroxide is that it has an inflammatory effect on the gums. Some dental experts believe excessive use of teeth whitening products destroys the enamel on your teeth, and the hydrogen peroxide adds to gum recession and reduced gum health.

Are There Any DIY At-Home Whitening Kits for Smokers?

Dentists can charge thousands of dollars for teeth whitening services in the chair. Fortunately, you can replicate this method using an at-home teeth whitening kit. These kits are affordable and effective, and many celebrities rely on them for teeth whitening.

Several brands offer at-home kits. We recommend using one that doesn't focus on hydrogen peroxide as the primary agent in the whitening gel ingredients. It's important to note that most of these whitening kits require you to do this treatment at night before you go to bed.

You line your teeth trays with the gel included in your kit, attach the blue-light device to the trays, and 10-minutes later it's over. Don't smoke after your treatment, as your teeth remain sensitive overnight to the ingredients in the gel. Smoking right after the therapy may cause more staining.


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