Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews: Is this the Ultimate Teeth Whitening System?

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Is your smile turning dull? Do you dream of a set of pearly-white teeth with a dazzling grin that attracts people to you? Coffee, smoking, red wine, and a bunch of other foods can discolor our teeth, accumulating over the years to form plaque and deep stains.

There is hope! According to Arc Blue Light teeth whitening kit reviews, this system helps you reclaim your smile and confidence. Arc has innovative dental care products that gradually remove stains over a series of treatments, turning your teeth a dazzling white.

In this post, we'll unpack everything you need to know about Arc. Is it a good deal, or is it all hype? If Arc can restore your smile, what's that worth to you?

Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening System Review


The company uses high quality ingredients including Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, and Sodium Hydroxide.


Can see results in as little as 14 days with consistent use.  It is perfect for using right before going to bed in order to allow it to work its whitening process over night.  


The kit only costs a little under $50.  This cost is much less than what a full teeth whitening treatment at the dentist office would cost.  

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

We tried a multitude of teeth whitening products and have found the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit to provide some of the fastest and best results.

Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews – Does It Work?

The Arc teeth whitening kit is great news for anyone that's looking to brighten their smile. This kit comes with 14 whitening treatments, featuring a strip-design for easy application to your teeth. The strips contain a blend of whitening agents that penetrate deep into the teeth underneath the enamel layer.

The Proprietary Arc formula consists of active ingredients that help remove the chemical bonds between stains and your teeth. As a result, you get an astounding whitening effect less than a week. If you have light staining, you'll get fantastic results from just one 7-day treatment plan. The ingredients in the whitening formula offer you proven results, featuring the following whitening agents.

  • PVP and PEG-8
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Acrylates Copolymer
  • Sodium Hydroxide

Arc works by covering your teeth with specialized strips. The strips contain the whitening formula, coating your teeth with the agent. While you'll get impressive results from the gel formula alone, the blue light device included with your kit activates the formula, enhancing your results.

Arc utilizes blue light due to its bleaching effect. The light reacts with the ingredients in the formula, causing a chemical reaction that improves the gel's impact on your teeth and the efficacy of the treatment.

You run the Arc teeth whitening kit for seven days in a row. We recommend doing it at night before bed; that way, you won't have to deal with waiting to eat or drink. People with deeper stains might have to decide if they need a second week of treatment.

We recommend combining it with the toothpaste booster and the whitening pen for the best results with the Arc system. Arc gives you a complete teeth whitening system for the daily management of your teeth.

Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews – What Do They Offer?

When purchasing your Arc teeth whitening kit, you can choose the full kit or the one-week system. Essentially, they're the same thing, but you get fewer whitening strips with the one-week version. Both kits come with blue light devices to enhance your whitening treatment.

You have the option of choosing either kit, but there's free shipping with the two-week treatment. However, if you want to give it a try, take a one-week kit and add the whitening booster or pen to round out your experience and receive free shipping.

ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit

  • The full kit includes 14 Arc treatments for two weeks total
  • Suitable for people with heavy stains
  • The blue light device comes included
  • Free shipping on your order over $25
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Whiter teeth in one week!

ARC One Week Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Weekly kit includes seven treatments for one week only
  • Suitable for people with lighter stains
  • Doesn't reach the $25 limit for free shipping
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Whiter teeth in one week!

Arc Teeth Whitening Booster

  • Arc whitening booster reviews are positive
  • Removes surface stains
  • Stain prevention formula
  • Use it after finishing your daily brushing routine

ARC Teeth Whitening Pen

  • Great to touch up your smile during the day or at night
  • Apply and let dry in 60-seconds
  • Enamel-safe formula
  • Gel-based formula with brush dispenser
  • Arc teeth whitening paste with potent results

What Is the Cost of the Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening System?

The Arc blue light teeth whitening system comes as a kit, suitable for two weeks, or one week, depending on your preference. You get a better deal if you buy the larger kit and more value for your money.

The Arc accessory products for the complete teeth whitening management system come with individual purchase prices.

  • ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit $45
  • ARC One Week Teeth Whitening Kit $20
  • Arc Teeth Whitening Booster $8
  • ARC Teeth Whitening Pen $20

For $73, you can have the most advanced teeth whitening system available. You'll be on your way to a brighter and whiter smile in less than two weeks. You get free shipping on all orders over $25.

FAQ – Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

Q: Will the Arc teeth whitening gel work without the Arc blue light?

A: Yes. The whitening formula works without the blue light. However, including the Arc lighting system enhances the strips' effect, fast-tracking your progress to a new smile.

Q: Why don't the Arc whitening strips cover all my teeth?

A: The Arc whitening kit only covers the teeth other people can see when you smile. Depending on your arch, the strip will cover six to eight central teeth.

Q: What's the working life of the Arc blue light system?

A: The blue light system included with your kit is only a temporary solution. After 28-treatments, the blue light blub loses its efficacy. As a result, you'll have to recycle it and get a new kit from Arc.

Q: How do I maintain my smile after using the Arc blue light treatment?

A: We recommend gentle brushing twice a day with a whitening toothpaste.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening System?


  • Whitens teeth with only one treatment
  • 14-days to a new smile
  • Affordable and convenient
  • Teeth whitening management products for daily maintenance
  • Restore your self-confidence
  • Attract new people


  • Not a permanent solution

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