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Holistic biological dentistry is a new concept for many, but it’s the type of dentistry that Dr. Joseph Moussa has practiced for years. At Montclair Dental Spa in Montclair and Englewood, New Jersey, Dr. Moussa, and his team provide outstanding dental care that combines the best of cutting-edge technology and technique, while keeping your overall health and well-being front and center. To experience the benefits of patient-focused holistic dentistry, schedule a visit at Montclair Dental Spa today. Call the office or book your appointment online.

Holistic Biological Dentistry Q & A

What is holistic biological dentistry?

Holistic biological dentistry centers around the concept that your oral health plays a significant role in your overall health. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Moussa believes in a natural approach to dentistry. He also takes advantage of proven, effective, and innovative technology that maintains his patients’ comfort and well-being.

For instance, Dr. Moussa recommends minimally invasive procedures, such as laser surgery for gum disease (LANAP protocol), whenever possible. He is also committed to using biocompatible dental materials for procedures such as fillings and dental implants because they work with, rather than against, your body’s overall health.

Dr. Moussa may also recommend that you consider platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy to help boost your body’s natural regenerative abilities when undergoing dental surgery. This all-natural treatment is also becoming popular in traditional dentistry because it can speed healing.

What are the benefits of holistic biological dentistry?

Holistic dentists focus on your whole body, not just your teeth and gums. Dr. Moussa may, for example, recommend better nutrition, smoking cessation, and other changes in your lifestyle that benefit your oral health as well as your overall health.

New technology that’s proven safe, effective, and less risky than some traditional dental procedures also plays a significant role in holistic dentistry. Interestingly, many of these “modern” advances in dental technology, material, and technique fit well with the holistic viewpoint.

Digital X-rays, for instance, are more favorable because of the reduced radiation exposure. New resin materials used for fillings are cosmetically appealing because they blend so well with your natural teeth. Dr. Moussa also approves their use because they don’t have the same heavy metal content as traditional filling material.

How is holistic biological dentistry different than traditional dentistry?

While traditional dentistry is beginning to embrace many holistic concepts, such as the role your oral health plays in systemic infections, you may find the underlying concept of patient-focused holistic dentistry the most telling difference between the two types. Dr. Moussa provides state-of-the-art dental care that fulfills your needs, focuses on your overall health, and is compatible with your goals.

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