Smile Direct Club vs Candid: Insider Pick

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If you’re thinking about signing up with a smile correction service, which one will you choose? SmileDirectClub and Candid are two of the leading companies in the industry.

We scoured hundreds of Smile Direct Club reviews and Candid reviews to find out which brand is better.

In this Smile Direct Club Vs Candid review, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about these smile correction services.

It's a close call, but Smile Direct Club is the winner

We recommend you go with Smile Direct Club. The better treatment process and longer track-record make Smile Direct Club the optimal choice.  


  • Night aligners available
  • Convenient impression kit
  • Free scans at SmileShops
  • Affordable cost of $1,950
  • Works with insurers
  • Includes lifetime guarantee 


  • SmileShops not available everywhere
  • SmilePay financing package requires a $250 down payment

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Should I choose Candid or SmileDirectClub? That’s a no-brainer in our view. Both companies have a similar product offering producing similar results.

Therefore, it comes down to price. Smile Direct Club is $450 cheaper than Candid, so it doesn’t make sense to use to foot the extra money for Candid.

With Smile Direct Club, you can save on your impressions by getting a scan at the SmileShop. The Candid Studio offers you the same service.

Both Smile Direct Club and Candid have follow-up consultations using your smart device. Therefore, we have to go with SmileDirectClub as the winner of this head-to-head showdown for the best at-home smile correction service.

How Do I Get Started with Candid or SmileDirectClub?

Both companies use the same model for assessing, onboarding, and maintaining clients. You can choose to order your impression kit online, or go in-store to a SmileShop or Candid Studio for a scan of your teeth.

The companies send you data to a team of dental professionals who analyze your impressions or scan. If they feel you’re a candidate for the treatment, they notify you and start producing your aligners. You receive your aligners in three weeks and start your treatment.

Both Smile Direct Club and Candid produce excellent, long-lasting results from the treatment, with average treatment times ranging between three to six months. During your treatment, both companies offer you consultations with dental professionals to ensure everything is on track.

Smile Direct Club Vs Candid – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to analyzing the performance of Candid and Smile Direct Club, both companies produce good results for clients.

However, Candid doesn’t offer a nighttime retainer, whereas Smile Direct Club has that option. The pricing is also considerably different between these two brands.

Candid Review


  • At-home smile correction
  • User-friendly treatment process
  • Free scans at Candid Studios
  • Monitored treatment with a dedicated app


  • No dedicated nighttime aligner system
  • Expensive compared to Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club Vs Candid – What are the Costs?

Smile Direct Club cost analysis shows that the company is more affordable than Candid. SDC offers you treatment for $1,950, while Candid charges $2,400.

If you want to take your treatment on credit, Smile Direct Club offers you “SmilePay,” with a down payment of $250, and 24 monthly payments of $89.

Candid charges a down payment of $399, with monthly payments of $99. It’s clear that Smile Direct Club is the more affordable treatment.

Smile Direct Club and Candid work with insurers. However, Smile Direct Club has a better network, and your treatment costs can come down to as little as $505 after your insurer contributes.

Does Smile Club Direct work with insurance companies?

Yes! SDC works with most insurance providers. Some of the firms dealing with SmileDirectClub include Aetna, UnitedHealthCare, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, and Anthem Blue Cross.

They also offer assistance for Delta Dental, Cigna, Met Life, Humana, and more. Check your policy details or call your broker to check if it falls under your orthodontic care plan.

Is Smile Direct Club better than braces?

Smile Direct Club is a removable solution. With braces, the orthodontist adheres them to your teeth in a semi-permanent fashion. If you’re going out on a date or walking into a big meeting, you can remove your SDC aligner, but braces are going nowhere.

How does Smile Direct Club compare to Invisalign?

Smile Direct Club is an at-home version of Invisalign. The difference between the two is that your dentist or orthodontist fits you for Invisalign at their office. Smile Direct Club is an at-home solution that requires no visit to a dental office

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