Smile Direct Club Cost – Is it worth it?

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Co-founders Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell both endured the social awkwardness of braces during their teenage years. Years later, the pair would team up with Camelot Venture Group to create a remote orthodontic service, SmileDirectClub.

Founded in 2014, SmileDirectClub caters to 95% of the dentist-directed at-home teeth aligner industry. SmileDirectClub has helped to transform the smiles of millions of Americans, and they have thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients.

With over 6,300-employees and nearly 400 Smile Shops around the country, SmileDirectClub continues to grow. Research shows that up to 80% of American adults can benefit from orthodontic care, and SmileDirectClub aims to make it a hassle-free experience you can afford.

Smile Direct Club Pricing

So, what does Smile Direct Club cost? When signing up with the service, you need to book evaluation for your teeth. There are two ways you can complete the evaluation.

  • In-person at a Smile Shop
  • Using an at-home impression kit

When you go in-store to a Smile Shop, they take a 3D scan of your teeth. Using the at-home kit, you take impressions of your top and lower jaw and then mail them into the SmileDirectClub offices.

After receiving your scan or impressions, SmileDirectClub hands them over to its network of professional orthodontists. The doctors work on designing you a set of retainers to start moving your teeth into the correct position.

Treatment can go through up to 40-alignment retainers to achieve the desired result. There is no charge for getting your 3D scan at the Smile Shop. The impression kit costs $49, and you can find $29 coupons for the service, as well as a $29 rebate on your treatment, essentially neutralizing the cost.

If the orthodontists decide that you are a suitable candidate for SmileDirectClub, they'll approve your treatment and send you a bill for payment. You have two options to make your payment before your treatment begins.

  • Single Pay – You make a one-off payment for $1,895
  • SmilePay™ – This payment plan requires a $250 down payment and 24 monthly payments of $85. The total cost of the treatment works out to $2,290

With both payment options, you get the SmileDirectClub teeth whitening kit as well. With the SinglePay option, you can use coupons, but the SmilePay option doesn't allow for discounts. The payment plan is convenient, but it does drive up the costs of the treatment significantly.

Does My Insurance Cover the Cost of Smile Direct Club?

If your health insurance plan covers you for dental, they may include your SmileDirectClub membership costs. Call the customer service department of your insurer and ask them about the details of your policy.

Many insurance plans reimburse you for dental expenses. They might also reimburse policyholders and dependents for orthodontic services, including aligners like SmileDirectClub. SmileDirectClub is already in a network partnership with United Health Care and Aetna, helping you request reimbursement for Delta Dental, BlueCross, BlueShield, and Cigna.

You also have the opportunity to pay with FSA, and your dental plan reimburses you part of the costs. With these deductions, it's possible to whittle down the costs of your treatment to under $1,000.

SDC accepts FSA and HSA, as well as CareCredit payment. To use your FSA dollars when paying, process your HAS/FSA transaction card like you would with any other retailer.

Is Smile Direct Club Worth It?

When we look at the overall value and pricing of SDC, we have to say that its an affordable alternative to traditional braces. SmileDirectClub is around 60% cheaper than Invisalign®, but it's around the same price as other systems like Smilelove.

The discounts and coupons do make great savings if you take the upfront payment options. The SmilePay might cost you a bit more, but it's a great way to reduce your monthly expenses and get a perfect smile for less than $100 per month.


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