Is Invisalign Worth it for Adults?

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Some of us had the misfortune of growing up with bad teeth. Whether you have gap teeth, overcrowding, or crooked teeth, it takes away from your confidence in social and business situations. Flashing a bright white smile with perfect teeth sets a fantastic first impression and builds your self-image.

As an adult, you might want straight, beautiful teeth, but the thought of spending 6 to 8-months in braces isn't appealing. Can you imagine the looks from people as they stand there judging you? Instead of spending half a year at home waiting for your teeth to straighten, choose Invisalign or one of the newer invisible teeth straightening options like Byte as your orthodontic solution.

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In Invisalign worth it for Adults?

Do you want straight, beautiful teeth? Then a clear teeth straightening solution like Invisalign is worth the money. Some people make the mistake of thinking that Invisalign only works for kids and teens. However, the reality is that it's an excellent choice for adults too.

Invisalign adapts to your lifestyle. Orthodontists recommend that you leave your aligner in for at a minimum of 22-hours each day. However, you might not feel comfortable wearing your retainer at a social event. If that's the case, leaving it out for the evening isn't a train smash. All you do is add an extra day onto your treatment.

Invisalign produces the same results as standard metal braces, but at a fraction of the cost. The treatment offers excellent value for money, and you never have to worry about metal in your teeth.  

What Is the User-Experience for Adults?

Most adults complain during the break-in period of the aligner. The aligner places gentle pressure on your teeth, shifting them into the correct position using a slow transition over different retainers. Each retainer is a steady progression from the previous model, bringing your teeth one step closer to reaching your perfect smile.

When putting on the aligners, you might find you develop a lisp when talking. This effect occurs due to the positioning of the aligners in your mouth. The retainers change the dynamics of your lips and tongue while speaking.

After a few weeks, you'll find it easy to get around this issue. However, we recommend avoiding planning any social speeches during your treatment. Remember to take out your retainers before you hit the stage to roast your best friend at their wedding.

The break-in period will also leave your mouth feeling sore. The changes in the alignment of your teeth place pressure on the nerves in your mouth. These are all similar side-effects experienced by people who wear braces.

In some cases, people may find that they start to develop headaches. If that's the case for you, discontinue treatment and seek advice from your dentist or visit an orthodontist.

How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies on a case-by-case basis. If you have severe issues that require more work, you can expect to pay more. It's not always about the number of retainers you need, but more about the work needed by the orthodontist to model and rebuild your new smile.

The costs of the treatment can be anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000.  This is potentially quite a bit more than what is typically seen for other invisible braces offerings such as Byte.  We have provided a detailed comparison for Byte vs Invisalign as well for those seeking a more comprehensive perspective.  

With Invisalign, you're getting expert orthodontic treatment in an office, which might involve other procedures, such as removing teeth.

While Invisalign is a great option, our recommendation is actually a newer invisible teeth straightening option on the market called Byte.  It has a faster treatment of only 3 months and you can get an at-home impression kit for under $50.  Check out our Byte reviews for more information.     

How Does Invisalign Compare to other Aligners like Smile Direct Club?

SDC and other mail-in aligner companies do produce excellent products. However, they all recommend you see a dentist or orthodontist before starting treatment. Visiting your doctor for a face-to-face consultation will always be the preferred method for producing the best treatment results.

However, in todays times, the need for remote medical care is starting to rise. Options like SDC and Smilelove are gaining traction, and they do offer good results. However, it would help if you paired that treatment with real-world medical advice for the best results.

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