Invisalign Alternatives: Detailed Comparison

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Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? Giving yourself a new smile is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. If you want a set of perfectly straight pearly-whites, you're going to need to speak to an orthodontist.

Invisalign is a popular aligner system used by orthodontists to straighten teeth. The orthodontist builds you a set of custom aligners that gently pull your teeth into the correct alignment over time.

However, Invisalign is a pricey treatment, and you're probably wondering if there are Invisalign alternatives.

Some patients state they spent up to $8,000 on their smile. While the results are impressive, the price tag puts off many people from straightening their teeth in the orthodontist's office.

What if there was an affordable Invisalign alternative?

Byte is our top choice for Invisalign alternative teeth alignment

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All three of the Invisalign alternatives offer you affordable pricing compared to an orthodontic solution. So, which one is the best? It's important to note that the most affordable solution isn't always the best option. However, in this review, that's not the case.

Byte offers the best deal out of our three Invisalign alternatives. Byte provides you the best cash treatment price at $1,895. You also get options to take your treatment on credit with guaranteed approval by the Bytepay in-house financing team.

We think that the Hyperbyte device's inclusion in your treatment plan is the cherry on top of the byte offering.


This company is the only brand offering this type of device, setting it apart from the competition. Best of all, they include it free in your treatment plan.

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary new orthodontic technique involving the use of aligners to straighten your teeth. Previously, braces were the only hope of getting your teeth straight, involving a longer treatment time.

Invisalign was an improvement on braces, designed for people that didn't want the discomfort of wearing braces for years. These clear aligners come in sets, with each aligner intended to see you through a transition phase to the next aligner.

By the time you run through all the aligners, you have a straight set of teeth. However, it's an orthodontic treatment, and you'll need to visit their office for the aligners' fitment.

During your consultation, the orthodontist examines your mouth and teeth-structure, using impressions to build models. The orthodontist develops a customized treatment plan to rectify issues like gapping and crowding, giving you a perfect smile in a few months to a few years, depending on the severity of the problem.

Invisalign is a good alternative to braces, but it's not a suitable solution for resolving advanced dental problems with the palette and jawline. However, it's a great option for minor crowding and gapping issues.

The problem with Invisalign is the treatment cost. Patients spend thousands of dollars during their treatment, with most of the expenses coming in the way of consultation fees at the orthodontist's office.

What if there was an affordable Invisalign solution available to you right now? Would you consider fixing your teeth?

How Do Invisalign Alternatives Work?

Good news! There are several Invisalign alternatives available online. As a bonus, they're all thousands of dollars cheaper than the costs of Invisalign treatment. We saved the best benefit to these alternatives for last –  They all let you go through the process at home, without ever setting foot in an orthodontist's office.

That's right; you get straight teeth without ever visiting a dentist – sounds good, right? These alternative teeth straightening solutions work on the same principle as the Invisalign system. You get a set of custom retainers designed by orthodontic professionals.

You use the aligners in the same way as the Invisalign system, leaving them in for 22-hours per day. All these alternatives offer remote access to real dentists and orthodontists that manage every step of the treatment process for you. They guide you through each aligner transition, ensuring you get the optimal treatment time you deserve.

However, you never have to visit a real orthodontist's office. Instead, you get treatment and consultation through an account on the company's website or mobile app. The result is thousands of dollars saved on consultation costs at an orthodontic practice.

In this post, we'll unpack our top three choices for straightening your smile at home.

What are the Top Invisalign Alternatives?


Byte is the new player in the at-home teeth-straightening industry. This company started selling aligners in 2019, and they quickly rose through the ranks to the top Invisalign contender in the game.  Learn more in our Byte vs Invisalign comparison.  

With Byte, you get options for daytime, and nighttime Byte aligners, affordable treatment costs, and the Hyperbyte device included with your treatment. The Hyperbyte device assists with the proper seating of the aligner, fast-tracking your treatment time.

Byte Pros

  • Most affordable at-home teeth straightening treatment
  • Hyperbyte device included

Byte Cons

  • No scan studio; you must get an impression kit

Smile Direct Club

SmileDirectClub is the oldest player in the industry, founded in 2013. They've already helped over 1-million people reclaim their smiles.

Smile Direct Club offers free scanning of your teeth in one of its SmileShop locations located in malls around America. However, Smile Direct Club doesn't provide any Hyperbyte-style device with its treatment plan.

Smile Direct Club Pros

  • Somewhat affordable
  • A cheaper choice to Invisalign

Smile Direct Club Cons

  •  No Hyperbyte equivalent device
  • Slightly longer treatment time


Candid clear aligners are another worthy Invisalign alternative. This company offers free teeth scanning like Smile Direct Club, with Candid Studio locations in malls across America.

Candid is a premium option in at-home teeth straightening. However, it doesn't include any Hyperbyte-style device with its package.

Candid Pros

  • Candid Studios offer free scans
  • More affordable than Invisalign

Candid Cons

  • The most expensive at-home teeth straightening option
  •  No Hyperbyte equivalent device

Invisalign Alternatives – Comparing Costs

Candid is the most expensive alternative, charging $2,400 for its treatment plan. You'll have to purchase an impression kit for $95 if you can't get to a Candid Studio for a free scan. Candid offer you a payment plan of $99 per month for 24-months, and a downpayment of $399.

SmileDirectClub is the middle-ground, offering treatment plans for $1,950. You also have the option of taking it on SmilePay credit with $250 down and $89 per month for 24-months.

Byteme offers you the best pricing-model and the best value from the three alternatives. The Byte package costs $1,895 ($55 cheaper than Smile Direct Club), and impression kits are $95. You have the option of taking on credit with Bytepay for $349 down and $83 per month for 29-months.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign? 

Yes, Smile Direct Club, Candid, and Byteme all offer low-cost Invisalign alternatives. If you're looking for the most affordable company – go with Byteme.

What is comparable to Invisalign? 

All the Invisalign alternatives mentioned in this review are comparable to Invisalign treatment.

Byte, SmileDirectClub, and Candid all offer viable Invisalign alternatives at a fraction of Invisalign treatment.

How can I straighten my teeth without Invisalign?

You have the option of going with one of the systems mentioned in this review. However, if you have severe dental problems, you'll need to visit an orthodontist for braces or advanced orthodontic solutions.

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