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If you don't have any medical insurance, then getting braces for you or your kids is an expensive exercise. A trip to the orthodontist's office will leave your head spinning at around $6,000+ for your treatment.

If you had medical insurance, there's a chance that you could receive a decent portion of that money as a rebate. However, without insurance, you're going to have to foot that bill yourself. Is there such a thing as cheap braces without insurance?

Let's look at some alternative treatments you can use to save money on your kid's orthodontic care costs.

Fortunately, there are a number of companies that are focused on providing braces-like results at a fraction of the price.  Several new companies in the market including Smile Direct Club, Byte, and Candid are providing at-home teeth straightening at affordable prices.  

What are the Costs of Braces?

Before we start, it's vital that you understand the costs associated with getting braces for you or your kids. A set of braces can run you anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000, depending on the care you need. Most of the costs come from consultation and lab fees that run into the thousands.

 Most orthodontists are willing to make a payment plan for patients due to the high costs involved with fitting and maintaining braces. However, is there a cheaper alternative that can save you money

Smile Direct Club – The Best Alternative to Braces

Another popular alternative to braces is the rise of at-home orthodontic services. SmileDirectClub launched in 2014, and it's responsible for 95% of the at-home orthodontic market. This company allows you to mail in impressions of your teeth and receive custom aligners in the mail.

You work with professional orthodontists remotely, and you never have to set foot in an orthodontists office. This remote treatment adds up to huge savings. SDC offers treatment packages from $1,850, with discounts and payment plans available.

At-Home Orthodontic Treatments – Are They Safe?

At-home orthodontic treatments are a rising trend in the dentistry market. Now, it's possible to receive top-quality orthodontic consultations, at a fraction of the price of traditional braces.

These treatments are entirely safe and amazingly effective. So much so, that it's causing a stir in traditional orthodontists. Sure, these solutions might not have the same customizable options as conventional braces, but they still offer people an effective treatment at an affordable price.

Invisalign – Braces from Home

Traditional metal braces are a thing of the past. Invisalign is a new orthodontic technology designed to provide you with all the benefits of braces. However, Invisalign is nothing like your traditional wire braces.

This system utilizes sets of aligning retainers to shift your teeth into the perfect position slowly. You will transition between the aligners over 6 to 8-months until your treatment finishes, and you have the smile of your dreams.

Invisalign requires you to visit your orthodontist's office. They will take images and scans of your mouth, some impressions, and then send it to Invisalign. Invisalign ship 20-sets of retainers back to your orthodontist, and you start your treatment.

If you're looking for a payment plan, you can expect to pay more upfront for your Invisalign treatment. The costs of the lab fees can be up to $2,400, and you ortho will need you to cover that upfront.

However, you'll save money on fewer trips to the orthodontist throughout your treatment. Invisalign treatments can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $6,000, depending on the work.

Smilelove – An At-Home Orthodontic Solution

Smilelove is a newcomer to the at-home orthodontics market. However, they're gaining traction, and they offer a compelling price point. The company provides treatment packages for $1,850, which is in-line with its top competitor, SmileDirectClub.

Choose an Affordable Orthodontic Solution

As you can see, an at-home orthodontic solution is around 1/3rd of the price of a traditional set of braces.

You get the benefit of clear aligners that you can remove when you like, and a custom treatment plan with the same results as braces.


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