Cheap Braces for Students – Yes, they exist!

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Your college years are important to your growth as a person. It's a time where your social relationships are as meaningful as your academics, and you meet new people every day. Forming a fantastic first impression is vital with everyone you come across in life.

If you have a moth of crooked teeth, then people might think differently of you, detracting from your first impression. Don't take it personally; it's just our hardwiring as a species. It's for this reason that many people rely on orthodontists to restore their smile to perfect positioning.

However, braces don't do much for the situation of improving your first impression with people. Walking around with a mouth full of metal wires for 8-months or longer can take a piece of your self-confidence every time you have to crack a smile.

On top of that, your orthodontic braces are expensive. Treatment can cost you up to $8,000, and what student has that kind of money in their bank account? If you're living the broke life at school and want to improve your smile, there is hope.

Here are a few ways you can restore your smile without breaking your bank account.

Check Out the Dentistry Department

If your college or university has a dental school, then check out if they're accepting student patients. Some schools allow you to get work done for free, while others charge you a small amount to cover the sundries they use in your treatment.

Unfortunately, these types of student dental programs usually only accept a few candidates each year, and you might not get a spot, especially if you're a freshman.

Buy a Set of Aligners

Aligners offer you the best alternative to braces. They're an affordable solution available from a variety of brands.

What Kind of Aligners Are Best?

Here are our top choices for the best aligners.

Invisalign – This option is available at your dentist's office. They'll take scans and complete your application, then send it away to Invisalign for fulfillment. You receive up to 20 aligners in your treatment plan and check back with your dentist or orthodontist periodically to note your progress.

Invisalign is a slightly more affordable solution than traditional branches. However, the benefits are tremendous, and you don't have to worry about metal in your mouth. You get clear plastic aligning retainers with your treatment, keeping your smile transparent.


SDC is the innovator of at-home orthodontic care. With this system, there's no need to visit an orthodontist. Have a 3D scan done at your local SmileShop, or mail in your dental impressions to the SDC team. They send your data to a qualified orthodontist in the SDC network. After reviewing your information, the orthodontist will create a set of aligners for you to use.

With SDC, you get an accurate and reliable orthodontist solution, without ever setting foot in a medical office. Your treatment costs are less than a third of your traditional orthodontist, making it the ideal choice for students.

The total cost of the treatment is $1,895. As a bonus, you can get approved for a 0% interest payment plan over 24-months. However, you'll have to pay $250 down and $85 monthly. If you have medical insurance, SDC works with many insurers, allowing you to save on the costs of your treatment.

Other At-Home Solutions Worth Mentioning

Smile Love – Another affordable at-home choice for students, with similar rates to SDC. $1,895, with $250 down, and cheaper monthly payments of $79.

Candid Co Aligners – These aligners are slightly more expensive than SDC, at $1,900 for the total treatment costs, and a $88 monthly payment with $250 down.


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