Byte vs. Wondersmile: Honest Teeth Aligner Comparison

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Are you an Australian looking to straighten your teeth? You have plenty of options when choosing your partner in smile correction. Byte and WonderSmile are two of the leading choices for teeth aligners in Australia.

Both are great options, Byte may be the better Australian option

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Byte has a super quick treatment time and offers great financing options.  


  • Innovative HyperByte device fast tracks treatment times.
  • Financing available with no credit check.
  • Free teeth whitening included.


  • More expensive than Wondersmile [But Save 75% + $100 OFF with our special offer]
  • APR charged on financing your treatment.
  • No studio or clinic for free scanning of your teeth.

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While Byte recently expanded into Australia in 2020, it's slightly more expensive than WonderSmile. However, the HyperByte's inclusion adds extra value to the deal, making it worth the additional money.

WonderSmile has the advantage in the assessment, with 13 WonderSmile Clinic locations across Australia in major cities. You don't need to order an impression kit, and your scan is free.

Regarding treatment times, Byte comes out as the winner, thanks to the HyperByte device accelerating treatment times to as little as three to six months.

Overall, it's challenging to choose a winner but we recommend Byte given its speedy treatment time and established track record for successful treatment.  


Byte vs WonderSmile: Who are They?

Founded in 2018 and releasing aligners to the market in early 2019, Byte is the latest newcomer to the teeth aligner market. The companies introduction of innovative technology in the HyperByte system made it a smashing overnight success in the USA.

Recently, Byte announced its move into Australia, pitting it against the local competitor, WonderSmile. This review of Byte vs WonderSmile looks at the differences in the offer between the two brands.

WonderSmile is an Australian-based company founded in 2016. Over the last five years, the company expanded its network across the country, opening WonderSmile Clinics in locations across major Australian cities.

Which one of these two aligner systems deserves your business?

Byte vs WonderSmile: How Do They Work?

With WonderSmile, you'll need to book an appointment or walk-into one of the 13 WonderSmile Clinic locations across Australia. Currently, there are clinics in New South Wales, Victoria, South and Western Australia, and Queensland.

At the clinic, one of the WonderSmile technicians will take a free 3D scan of your mouth. You can pay AUD$80, and they'll show you what your teeth will look like after the treatment.

With Byte, you'll need to order your impression kit online. You'll use it to make a mold of your teeth and mail it back to the Byte team using the enclosed return box.

Both Byte and WonderSmile use a team of orthodontists to review your scan data or impressions. If they feel you're a good fit for the aligners, they'll issue you with an alert to make your payment. After receiving the funds, Byte and WonderSmile go to work on building your aligners. You'll have them shipped to your door around six weeks after your approval.

From there, you start with your first aligner set, wearing it for 22-hours a day (14-hours for the nighttime solution). The Byte system includes the HyperByte device. You'll use it when fitting your aligners, helping you get a tighter fit than WonderSmile.

Average treatment times for Byte are between three and six months and six to twelve months for WonderSmile. If you're taking the nighttime aligners, it doubles your average treatment time to 12 to 18-months. However, you only have to wear the aligners for 14-hours a day.

The nighttime solutions from Byte and WonderSmile are ideal for salespeople and teenagers. If you want to speak to people during the workday or at school, you can remove the aligners and fit them again when you're away from work or school.

Byte vs WonderSmile: What Do They Cost?


If you want to start with Byte, you'll need to order your impression kit online for a cost of $45. After analyzing your impressions, the Byte team approve you for treatment. You'll need to pay for your system in full or with the in-house financing option.

If you're taking your Byte system for a one-off payment, it has a cash price of AUD$2,749. Financing your system is more expensive, and you'll pay $249 as a deposit, and $114 for 29-months, for a total treatment cost of AUD$2,749, plus an AUD$40 account fee and AUD$8 service charge.

If you want the Byte-at-Night aligners, you'll make a downpayment of AUD$306 and 24-monthly payments of AUD$139. That's a total payment cost of 3,631, plus your AUD$40 account fee and AUD$8 service charge.

Byte includes the cost of your HyperByte device and your teeth whitening in its package.


WonderSmile requires you to visit one of its clinics for a free scan of your teeth. You'll need to pay AUD$80 at the consultation, and the WonderSmile representative issues you with a 3D model of what your teeth will look like after the treatment. WonderSmile deducts this cost from the treatment price, or they'll refund you if you don't qualify.

If they accept you as a candidate, you can take your treatment for a cash price of AUD$2,690. WonderSmile offers in-house financing with no credit check or forms to fill out if you want to take your aligners on credit.

You'll make a 20% deposit of AUD$538 and choose your payment option, with plans available offering you up to 12-months to pay. There is no APR on financing your treatment.

If you want to take the WonderSmile nighttime system, it's going to cost AUD$2,760, with the same financing and payment terms as the daytime system.

Overall, WonderSmile is the more affordable option. However, if you're taking it on credit, you don't get as much time to pay off your account. However, the no APR financing from WonderSmile saves you a bundle of financing charges, especially when you compare it to the Byte deal.

Byte vs WonderSmile Frequently Asked Questions

Is Byte or WonderSmile a better choice than Invisalign?

Invisalign is the worlds leading clear aligner system. Invisalign is also the only clear aligner system recommended by the American and Australian Dental Associations. However, Byte and WonderSmile perform equally as well as Invisalign, and you never have to visit an orthodontist. When it comes to results, Byte gives you the faster treatment time, thanks to the inclusion of the HyperByte in its offering. The HyperByte can reduce your treatment time by up to 20%.

Does Byte or Wondersmile work with insurance companies?

In America, health insurance companies will contribute partially to the costs of your Byte treatment. However, Australian health insurance companies don't cover cosmetic dentistry. As a result, you can't get an insurance contribution for Byte or WonderSmile in Australia. However, both companies offer affordable payment plans that let you take your treatment on credit. There's no credit check involved with financing your treatment with Byte or WonderSmile.

How long does it take Wondersmile to fix my teeth?

Wondersmile is a newcomer to the Australian at-home aligner market. However, the company has nearly 250 five-star testimonials from verified buyers on the website. According to user reviews on WonderSmile, average treatment times are six months for a new smile. Your treatment time may vary, depending on the extent of your dental issues. When you apply for your aligners in-store, the consultant maps out your treatment plan for you.

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