Byte vs Smile Direct Club [2022 Verdict]

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So, you're looking for a solution to straighten your teeth, and there are plenty of options. Instead of taking a trip to your dentist and orthodontist to start your treatment, why not save yourself some money?

SmileDirectClub and Byte are two of the leading at-home orthodontic solutions for Americans that require teeth straightening services. At a glance, both of these companies have a similar offering, with the same price point.

So, how do you decide on which company to go for with your treatment? In this post, we'll analyze the differences between Byte Vs. Smile Direct Club, giving you our verdict on the best option to suit your orthodontic needs.

It's a close call, but Byte is the winner

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We recommend you go with Byte. The shorter treatment time is a tremendous advantage, and the costs are the same as Smile Direct Club.


  • At home impressions
  • Remote monitoring
  • 100% approval for Bytepay (amazing financing option)
  • Retainer included for free
  • 3 month treatment time
  • Includes lifetime guarantee 


  • Not an optimal choice for very serious cases of misalignment
  • Slightly more expensive initial impression kit [Save 75% + $100 OFF with our special offer]

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Both Smile Direct Club and Byte are solid options for teeth alignment. We believe Byte has a slight edge given the faster treatment time of 3 months and the HyperByte aligner technology.  The HyperByte technology uses High Frequency Vibrations that improve comfort and provide more accurate teeth alignment.   

Byte Vs. Smile Direct Club – The Specs

Let's analyze each step of the process to see which company has the better offer for your treatment.

Impressions – Winner: Smile Direct Club (studio) or Byte (home kit)

With Byte, you must order an impression kit online for $95 (currently only $14.95 with special offer). You use the kit to take a mold of your teeth, and then you send it into Byte for analysis.

With Smile Direct Club, you can order your kit online for $49, with overnight shipping. However, with Smile Direct Club, you get the option of visiting a SmileShop to scan your teeth rather than take impressions.

The scan at your SmileShop is free of charge and provides more accurate results than home impressions, but is far less convenient.

The Verdict

Smile Direct Club makes taking your scan or impressions easy, as does Byte.  If you prefer an in-person option, SmileDirectClub is a good option since you can get a free scan at SmileShops across the country.  However, we found the Byte impression kit very easy to use and it costs less than half of Smile Direct Club's impression kit.   

Aligners – Winner: Byte

We hope to provide a holistic comparison between Smile Direct Club vs Byte.  After analyzing your impressions or scan, Smile Direct Club will build you a set of custom aligners.  Smile Direct uses a unique design called "Comfort Sense" that uses different plastic progression from soft, medium, and firm to comfortably move teeth.  The treatment lasts 18 to 24-weeks. You'll have to wear the aligners 22-hours a day to see the benefit of using the system.

Byte offers you two types of aligners. The original Byte system is like the Smile Direct Club offering. You receive around 20-sets of aligners in the mail, and progress through each one until you straighten your teeth.  However, Byte uses the innovative "HyperByte" technology that's fast-tracks your treatment.

As a result of the HyperByte, your treatment time is half that of Smile Direct Club, with pleasing results in as little 3 to 4 months.

Byte also offers the "Byte-at-Night" system. You wear these aligners for 10-hours a day, before and during your sleep. The treatment takes longer and costs more, but it's a good choice for people that don't want the hassle of wearing aligners during the day.

The Verdict

Byte wins the best aligner showdown, with the HyperByte technology that accelerates your results.  Byte's three month treatment time is incredibly impressive making an optimal choice when choosing between Byte or Smile Direct Club.  

Cost – Winner: Byte (Smile Direct was close)

Both Smile Direct Club and Byte offer standard treatment packages for $1,895. However, Byte charges $2,245 for the Byte-at-Night kit. Smile Direct Club also provides a more extended treatment plan that adds additional aligners to your therapy for an additional $300.

The cost of the impression kit with Smile Direct Club is $49, while it's $14.95 with Byte.  Smile Direct Club also has the option of a free scan at any Smile Direct studio.

The Verdict

Smile Direct Club has the better service offering if you are looking to visit a Smile Direct studio, but Byte is much more affordable if you are looking for an home clear aligner treatments.  Byte is currently running a special offer that includes $100 off its treatment plan, that brings the cost of the aligner treatment to $1,795.  The Byte impression kit treatment is also currently on sale for only $14.95.  

Treatment Duration – Winner: Byte

SDC state that your treatment can last anywhere from four to six months, depending on the severity of your case. With Byte, you get the same results in four to six weeks, reducing your treatment window.

The Byte-at-Night system is in line with the SDC treatment plan, but you only have to wear the aligners at night, making the treatment more comfortable.

HyperByte technology is the key to the early success of your Byte treatment. This device helps to shift your teeth to the correct position faster, accelerating your results.

The Verdict

Byte takes the win in this category thanks to its faster treatment times of 3 months compared to 6 months for Smile Direct Club.

Financing – Winner: Draw between Smile Direct Club and Byte

Both Smile Direct Club and Byte have the same pricing package. However, Byte is $2 cheaper per month, accounting for the impression kit's additional cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SmileDirectClub or Byte better?

Byte is the better option for patients looking for invisible braces at home.  The impression kit is very easy to use and comes with everything you need including impression trays and putty gloves.  Smile Direct Club is a good option for those who live close to Smile Studio. 

Do home aligners work? 

Home aligners work for minor cases of teeth misalignment.  There are several options including Byte, SmileDirectClub, and Candid.  They are typically more affordable than braces and offer faster treatment times.  Results have typically been very similar to those achieved by traditional teeth straightening options.    

Is Invisalign better than Byte?

Invisalign is a good option for patients with severe dental issues.  Invisalign requires visiting the office for an orthodontist or dentist.  Invisalign has a treatment time of more than 12 months compared to the 3 months treatment time for Byte.  The Invisalign treatment can cost more than $2,500 compared to $1,795 for Byte.  For patients that value convenience and affordability, we recommend Byte.   

Is Byte or Candid cheaper?

We recommend Byte because it is more affordable than Candid.  The Byte impression kit costs $25 compared to the $30 cost for Candid’s impression kit.  Byte’s HyperByte technology leads to faster treatment times of 3 to 4 months compared to the average Candid treatment time of 6 months.  Byte and Candid both have similar levels of customer support and aligner quality.   

Is Smile Direct Club cheaper than Byte?

No, Byte is cheaper than SmileDirectClub for both the impression kit and the aligner treatment.  The Byte aligner treatment costs $1,795 compared to $1,950 for SmileDirectClub.  The Smile Direct Club impression kit is $50 versus the Byte impression kit cost of $25.  The Byte impression kit also comes with a free LED teeth whitening kit that can give you a brighter smile.  

Byte Discount Pricing

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