Candid vs Byte: Our Honest Perspective On the Best Teeth Aligner

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Are you thinking about signing up for at-home teeth straightening? Sure, it beats going to the dentist's office and paying a fortune for the same service. In this review, we'll look at two of the leading brands in teeth straightening technology.  

Our review of Byte vs Candid outlines the differences between these two offerings.  Use this information to make an informed decision on the right teeth straightening system to restore your smile.

With many companies such as Byte, Candid, Smile Direct Club, and Invisalign offering invisible braces, understanding the key differences can help you make the right choice.  

In this review, we compare the average treatment time, order process, and overall financing options so that you can get an optimal comparison for these invisible aligners.  

While both are great options, Byte is the winner from our perspective

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We recommend you go with Byte. The shorter treatment time is a tremendous advantage, and the total treatments costs are much less than Candid.  

Byte's treatment costs $1,895 compared to $2,400 for Candid.  Byte is currently offering a delivered-to-your-home impression kit for under $14.95 with our discount special offer.       


  • Fast 3 month treatment time with HyperByte technology
  • Company offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Affordable at-home teeth straightening for under $2000
  • Great financing options


  • No in person scanning option
  • Required to order impression kit for at-home molding [Save $65 with our special offer]

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Our Recommendation:

Byte and Candid are two of the leading teeth aligner companies.  We recommend Byte with its extremely fast average treatment time of ~3 months given its proprietary HyperByte Technology.

The HyperByte system shortens treatment time and can reduce pain by using mini vibrations that reach your teeth and nerves.  

According to Byte before and after reviews, the aligner system works, providing a straight smile in half the time of leading brands.

We also liked that there was an extremely affordable way to start the  Byte aligner process with an at-home impression kit that costs less than $14.95 with our special discount (normally $95).  

Byte is a newcomer to the aligner market, but it's affordable treatment costs and innovative technology makes it a top choice for at-home teeth alignment.

Candid vs Byte Aligners Comparison

Candid and Byte are both companies that straighten teeth without visiting a orthodontist or dentist.  The price is very similar: Byte costs $1,895 and Candid costs $2,400.  Candid is more expensive than Byte for a similar type of treatment.  There are several other main differences:

  1. Byte uses HyperByte Vibrating Technology that shortens treatment time to 3 months from 6 months
  2. Candid does not offer a nighttime only option. while Byte offers an at-night aligner options.  This is important for those people that have to speak during work or school and cannot wear invisible braces during the day. 
  3. Byte offers better discounts than Candid.  Byte is currently offering 70% of its impressions kits and $100 off its treatment plan.      
  4. Unlike Candid, Byte offers several teeth whitening products as well so that you can get straight teeth and a whiter smile at the same time.  

Byte Vs Candid: How Do Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth?

How do Byte Invisible Braces work?

Byte offers you an easy way to straighten your teeth without leaving your home. Order your Byte impression kit online, and take a mold of your teeth when it arrives at your home. Send your impressions back to Byte, and a team of dental professionals reviews the molds.

If the team decides you qualify for the treatment, Byte notifies you, and you make payment for your aligners.

After receiving your aligners, you start the treatment, wearing it for 22-hours a day. The Byte-at-night system is for professionals that can't wear clear aligners during the day. The Byte-at-Night system requires you to wear the aligners for a minimum of 10-hours per day.  

You change your aligner every two weeks or so, based on your preapproved treatment plan. When using the aligner, you fit it to the HyperByte device. HyperByte emits sonic waves that help the aligner seat better against your teeth, speeding treatment times.    

How Does Candid Teeth Aligner Work?

Candid works the same way as Byte. However, Candid offers you free scanning of your teeth at any of its Candid Studio locations in malls across America.

You don't get a HyperByte device or something similar included with your Candid treatment. That's disappointing, considering the cost.  

Candid also make the ridiculous claim that nighttime aligners don't work. Therefore, it doesn't offer them to you.  We feel Candid needs to look at the results of the people using the Byte-at-Night system. It's clear it works, and they should reevaluate its position on nighttime treatments.  

Candid vs Byte: What Do They Cost?

According to Byte reviews, you can pick up the daytime treatment for $1,895 upfront. BytePay allows you to take your treatment on credit. You pay $349 down and 29 monthly payments of $83.

The Byte-at-Night treatment costs $2,295, and you can take it on credit for $449 down, with 29 monthly payments of $99. Both systems include the HyperByte device, adding extra value to your deal.

It's also important to note that Byte charges $99 for its impression kit. However, the site is having a discount promotion right now, and you can pick up your impression kit for $14.99.

Candid is the more expensive option of the two. The standard treatment with Candid costs you $2,400 upfront. You have the option of taking it on credit for $399 down and 24 payments of $99 per month.

Byte Vs Smile Direct Club

Byte is $55 less than Smile Direct Club. While Smile Direct Club is the world leader in at-home teeth straightening, we feel you get more value out of the Byte treatment, thanks to the HyperByte device.

Byte vs Invisalign

Invisalign requires fitment and adjustment at a dentist or orthodontist office. As a result, you end up paying more in consultancy fees.

The average treatment costs for Invisalign can vary between $7,000 to $8,000. Therefore, Byte offers you an affordable solution, with treatment costs up to 75% less than Invisalign.

Byte vs AlignerCo

Alignerco has the most affordable aligner option. With treatments costing as little as $1,145, it's a cost-effective solution.

However, you don't get the HyperByte device included with your treatment. As a result, you can expect a longer treatment time. If you don't mind paying a few extra dollars for Byte, you get a faster treatment time with excellent results.

Is Byte better than braces?

Byte is a good option for those looking to fix minor to moderate teeth crowding with an at-home treatment option. As long as the Byte team approves your treatment, you should experience similar results as traditional braces.  However, you do not have to visit an orthodontists or a dentist and can get your aligners shipped directly to your home.  

Is Byte or Smile Direct Club better?

We recommend Byte over Smile Direct Direct Club given the faster treatment time of 3 months and the more affordable pricing on the impression kit.  Byte and Smile Direct Club are both well known teeth straightening companies and have many great reviews.

Should I use Candid or Byte aligners?

We recommend Byte for those who prefer a fast treatment time and have minor teeth alignment issues.  While Candid is very similar, they also offer in person treatment options at Candid studios.  If you have a strong preference for potentially doing an in person visit, Candid may be a good choice but otherwise we think Byte is the top option.    

Are Byte and Candid better than Invisalign?

Byte and Candid offer treatment for minor teeth misalignment.  Byte and Candid are much more affordable than Invisalign, costing less than $2500 compared to Invisalign costs of more than $3000.  Invisalign is a great option for those with severe cases of teeth misalignment that need regular in-person touchpoints with their dentist or orthodontist.  

Does Byte accept HSA and FSA accounts?

Yes, Byte works with both HSA and FSA accounts.  These accounts cover Byte aligners given that it is an orthodontic service.  The flexible spending account and health savings account can be used for retainers, the Byte Impression Kit, and the Byte aligners system.  

Does Byte work with my insurance provider?

Yes, Byte works with many insurance providers including Anthem, Guardian, and BlueCross BlueShield.  However, it is important to check your insurance policy to see what specific orthodontic coverage you are eligible for.  Additionally, if you have a HSA or FSA account, those can be used for Byte treatment.

Are invisible braces or traditional braces better?

Invisible braces are good options for patients who prefer aesthetics and comfort compared to painful traditional braces.  Invisible braces companies such as Byte, Candid, and Smile Direct Club allow you to get treatment from the comfort of your home as opposed to visiting the office of a dentist or orthodontist.  

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