Byte vs Braces: Inside Perspective

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Crooked teeth can ruin your confidence. Teens and young adults might feel embarrassed about having gapped or crowded teeth, affecting their self-image around others. Straightening your teeth lets you reclaim your personal power, giving you confidence in social and professional situations.

In this review, we'll compare Byte vs braces to find the best teeth straightening system. We went through dozens of Byte reviews to determine what people think of this newcomer to the teeth-straightening market. Is Byte better than Braces? – Let's find out.

Byte wins on price, treatment time, and ease of use

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Byte is quite a bit better than braces given its 3-6 month average treatment time and flexible at-home correction option 


  • Guided professional treatment
  • Affordable compared to braces
  • Removable
  • Comes with a nighttime option
  • Assessment by a team of dental professionals
  • Includes HyperByte device for faster treatment times


  • Not suitable for resolving advanced dental problems
  • Small upfront cost for impression kit of $95 [Save $65 with our special offer]

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Byte and braces are totally different orthodontic treatments. If you're dealing with severe dental issues, then braces are the better option. Aligners can't resolve extensive problems with your teeth, and you need professional assistance to guide the process.

However, if your teeth only have minor issues with crowding and gapping, Byte is the better choice. Braces are a semi-permanent fixture to your teeth, and you might have them for years. With Byte, you get a removable system that won't interfere with your confidence around others.

The affordable cost of Byte makes it the better option, and there are no visits to the dentist's offices chewing up your day.

Byte Vs Braces: What Is Byte At-Home Smile Correction?

Byte is a newcomer to the smile correction market. Launched in 2017, it's already one of the leading brands, thanks to innovative technology and an affordable pricing model.

Byte offers you at-home teeth straightening services without the need to ever visit a dentist's office. With Byte, you order an impression kit online and take a mild of your teeth when it arrives. Mail your impressions to the Byte dental team, and wait for your results.

The Byte dental team review your impressions and decide if you qualify for the treatment. If you are eligible, Byte sends you a set of aligners to your home, and you start your treatment.

You wear the aligner for 22-hours during the day (10-hours for the Byte-at-Night system). Every two weeks, you swap out an aligner for the next progression. By the time you finish with the last aligner, you have perfectly straight teeth.

Byte offers you a unique innovation in aligner technology with the HyperByte system. This device produces sonic vibrations that assist the aligner with seating against your teeth. The result is a fast treatment time, with excellent results.

Byte Vs Braces: What's the Difference Between Byte and Braces?

The key difference between braces and Byte is dental office trips. Braces require adjustment by your dentist as your teeth move into position.

With Byte, you get complete at-home treatment for straightening your teeth, and you never have to leave your home to go to the dentist.

How Fast is Byte Compared to Braces?

It's challenging to say Byte aligners produce faster results than braces. Byte aligners are only suitable for minor dental issues involving crowding and gapping.

Byte claims average treatment times between three to six months for the daytime treatment, and that's faster than the competition.

Braces might take longer due to the extensive work involved with the smile correction process, often times 12 to 18 months. However, if you qualify for Byte's treatment, you'll pay less and get the same results in less time.

Byte Vs Braces – What Do They Cost?

If you go with Byte, you get a full daytime treatment for $1,895. You also have the option of taking it on credit with BytePay. BytePay offers you access to the treatment for $349 down and 29 monthly payments of $83.

Professionals requiring the Byte-at-Night system will have to pay $2,295 upfront or take it on BytePay for $449 down and 29 monthly payments of $99.

In contrast, braces can cost anywhere between $6,000 to $7,000 for the treatment. The price depends on the work involved with the smile correction process.

Is Byte faster than braces?

It depends. Typically, people who need braces have extensive problems with crowding and teeth gapping. These problems require orthodontic treatment and might take years to work out.

Does Byte Accept HSA/FSA Accounts?

Yes, Byte works with FSA and HSA accounts, and they also cater to CareCredit. Email the information desk at Byte for more information and assistance with manag8ing these payments.

Does my insurance cover my treatment?

To determine if your insurance covers your Byte treatment, check for the inclusion of orthodontic treatment in your policy. Most policies cover part or all your orthodontic treatments.

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