Byte vs. AlignerCo: Side-By-Side Comparison

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So, you're looking for a solution to straighten your teeth, and there are plenty of options. Instead of taking a trip to your dentist and orthodontist to start your treatment, why not save yourself some money?

SmileDirectClub and Byte are two of the leading at-home orthodontic solutions for Americans that require teeth straightening services. At a glance, both of these companies have a similar offering, with the same price point.

So, how do you decide on which company to go for with your treatment? In this post, we'll analyze the differences between Byte Vs. Smile Direct Club, giving you our verdict on the best option to suit your orthodontic needs.

Both are great options, Byte has a slight edge

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We recommend you go with Byte. The shorter treatment time is a tremendous advantage, and the costs are the same as Smile Direct Club.


  • HyperByte system included to fast-track results.
  • Managed aftercare.
  • Teeth whitening included
  • Helps you with your insurance claim.
  • Financing available with no credit check.
  • 3 month treatment timeline


  • More expensive than Alignerco [But Save 75% + $100 OFF with our special offer]

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While we found both Byte and AlignerCo as potential at home teeth straightening options, we found that Byte had a slightly better treatment time of 3-4 months compared to AlignerCo's treatment time of 6-12 months.  We also liked Byte's customer service and teeth whitening treatment that came with the aligner set.      

Byte vs Alignerco: What Is Byte?

Byte is one of the leading brands in at-home smile correction. The company utilizes innovative technology to fast-track treatment times, providing you access to dental professionals during your treatment.

Founded in 2017 by Scott Cohen, Byte launched in 2019. The company is rapidly acquiring market share from leaders like Smile Direct Club and Invisalign.

Byte vs Alignerco: What Is Alignerco?

Sangeet Kalkat founded Alignerco in 2019 with the goal of making smile correction affordable and accessible to everyone. They are the lowest-cost provider in the space, providing the same results as the leading brands like Invisalign and Smile Direct Club.

Alignerco is a "basic" aligner system. You don't get the same aftercare and innovative technology like the HyperByte system, and there's no free teeth whitening included with your purchase.

How Do I Start with At-Home Smile Correction?

Starting with Byte and Alignerco is easy. You order your impression kit online (Byte charges $95 for the kit, while it's included in the treatment cost with Alignerco).

After receiving your impression kit, you take a mold of your teeth and send it back to Byte or Alignerco. The companies assess your impressions to see if your qualify for the treatment.

If approved, you'll receive your aligners in four to six weeks and start your treatment.

With Alignerco, you get a treatment plan included with your purchase. However, with Byte, you get dedicated follow-up on your treatment through your Byte account.

You'll progress through each aligner in the series until your teeth are straight. Average treatment times with Alignerco are four to six months.

With the exclusive HyperByte device included, Byte’s aligners deliver fast results for a smile you'll love.**

Byte vs Alignerco Cost Comparison

Alignerco is the most affordable teeth aligner system available. The regular daytime system costs you $1,145, including your impression kit, aligners, and retainers. You have options for insurance contributions, but Alignerco won't help you negotiate with your insurer.

The nighttime Alignerco system costs $1,345, and you also get financing options for the daytime and nighttime systems.

The Byte treatment is the more expensive option. You'll pay $1,895 for the daytime system and $2,295 for the "Byte-at-Night" option. Both systems come with the HyperByte device included, as well as free teeth whitening.

You have the option of financing with the Byte system, with the Byte-at-Night system costing you $99 per month for 29-months, with a downpayment of $449. The daytime system is available for 29 monthly payments of $83, with a $349 downpayment.

If you want to take your Alignerco system on credit, you'll need to pass a credit check. If approved, you'll make 12-monthly payments of $110 for the daytime system. The nighttime system requires a downpayment of $275, with installments of $95 per month for 12-months.

Alignerco is currently running a special discount where you get a cash price of $945 for the daytime system and monthly payments of $95.

**Preliminary clinical studies of small groups of users have shown that daily recommended use of a high-frequency seating device functionally equivalent to HyperByte with clear aligners may increase the speed of tooth movement and provide comfort. Individual results may vary.

Our Recommendation

We recommend Byte.  Byte offers you the best at-home aligner solution. While both companies provide aligners, the service and product accessories you get with Byte are superior to Invisalign.

Byte comes with managed aftercare, and the HyperByte device accelerates your treatment time. Instead of taking four to six-months to straighten your smile, Byte can do it in three to four months.

Since you're probably going to be paying with insurance, the Byte system's additional costs over Alignerco are negligible and only a few hundred dollars more.

What's more, Byte offers you a specialized nighttime aligner system in the Byte-at-night solution. Do your smile a favor and go with Byte for your at-home aligner system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose byte or Alignerco?

We recommend going with Byte aligners. It might costs a few dollars more, but it's worth the extra money. The inclusion of the HyperByte device fast-tracks your treatment time, letting you finish faster than Alignerco. You also get options for nighttime treatment and the Byte Protection Program for easy aligner replacements.

How do Byte and Alignerco compare to Invisalign?

Alignerco is the exact opposite of Invisalign. You get no aftercare with the product and no way of reaching out to a qualified dental professional for assistance with your treatment. Byte offers you a follow-up aftercare program that walks you through your treatment period, telling you when to switch aligners.

What are customers saying about Byte and Alignerco?

Both companies have great reviews online. However, it seems that people get faster results using the Byte system. The HyperByte system accelerates the treatment period, straightening your teeth in half the time of Alignerco. Alignerco might be cheaper, but Byte works out to a very similar price with an insurance contribution.

Byte Discount Pricing

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