Byte Teeth Straightening Reviews – Does Byte Work?

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Are you tired of looking at your crooked smile in the mirror? It's time to take action and do something about the problem. You don't need to spend $8,000 on braces to get the smile you deserve; aligners provide you with an alternative solution that doesn't require a visit to an orthodontists office.

The Byte system is an in-home orthodontic solution for straightening your teeth. Founded in 2017, and launched in 2019, Byte is one of the new players in the market of at-home orthodontic aligners. In this review, we'll unpack everything you need to know about the Byte aligner system, and how to start your treatment today.

We found several great teeth straightening options, but Byte is the winner

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Does Byte Work?

With over $100-million in sales in 2019, Byte is one of the leading at-home orthodontic solutions. The company has a short track record, but there are hundreds of Byte teeth straightening reviews raving about the results of using this aligner system.

So, what is the difference between Byte and other aligner systems? Byte gets its competitive advantage from the use of its "Smile Science" technology. Other aligner systems focus on straightening your teeth only.

With Bytes Smile Science technology, the orthodontist works with your teeth and your facial features, to get the results you want from your treatment. The Smile Science tech analyzes your facial structure, creating a smile that fits your facial features.

Byte orthodontists use specialized training procedures developed by the company's founder, Dr. John Marashi, who acts as the company CEO and chief cosmetic dentist.

The "HyperByte" technology uses a unique strategy of pulsing high-frequency vibrations to your teeth through the aligner for 5-minutes each day. This process fast-tracks your treatment, giving you a great smile in half the time of other aligner systems.

How Do You Sign Up for Byte?

If you decide to go ahead with a treatment plan form Byte, you first need to see if you qualify. Byte doesn't work with people that have severe teeth alignment issues. For severe bite alignment issues, the system doesn't have the structure or strength to resolve the problem, and you'll need the advice of an orthodontist.

However, Byte is an excellent option to redesign your smile for minor gapping, crowding, and crooked teeth. To start your treatment, you need to order an impression kit from the Byte website. The package costs $95 and includes everything you need to take your impressions at home by yourself.

After taking your impressions, you mail them to the Byte team, where a professional orthodontist looks at your teeth. The orthodontist creates a 3D model of your teeth will look like after completing the treatment and forward it to you for approval.

After agreeing to the treatment, Byte builds your aligner retainers, and ship them directly to you. You run through a series of aligners for 4 to 6-weeks, depending on your situation. After completing the treatment, you have a set of straight teeth.

The HyperByte technology included with your treatment accelerates your results, giving you straight teeth in half the time of other systems like Invisalign and SmileDirectClub.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Byte?


  • Connect with a network of 50 professional orthodontists
  • Complete your treatment is half the time of other brands
  • You get a lifetime guarantee on your treatment
  • The sticker price of the treatment is in-line with other leading brands like SmileDirectClub
  • Financing is available for your treatment
  • You have the option of day-time aligners or night-time aligners


  • The financing options for Byte include a 20% APR on your treatment costs
  • No retail locations for scanning

The Verdict – Is Byte Worth It?

Yes, Byte is worth the money. HyperByte therapy and the "Byte-at-night" treatment are innovations that make this company stand out from the competition.

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