Byte At Night Reviews: Does it Work?

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Are you tired of having a mouthful of crooked teeth? Your smile makes up a huge part of your first impression with others. If you have crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, it's a confidence killer. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

With Byte, you get at-home teeth straightening service – and you never have to visit the dentist! In this Byte nighttime aligners review, we'll look at the nighttime alternative.

Many people can't wear aligners during the day. If you're working in the service industry, then your job relies on interacting with people. Removing your aligners during the day ruins your progress. However, the nighttime solution is the ideal choice for your situation.

Let's unpack the details around the Byte-at-Night system.

Byte is our top choice for nighttime teeth alignment

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Byte's nighttime teeth alignment system is a great option for those that do not want to wear an aligner during the day.


  • At-home teeth straightening
  • Only nighttime use required
  • Hyperbyte included
  • Fast results (4-6 months)
  • No visits to the dentist's office


  • Slightly expensive initial impression kit [Save $65 with our special offer]

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According to Byte At Night reviews, thousands of satisfied customers use the system with excellent results. Byte might be more expensive than other at-home smile correction systems, but you get plenty of value with your purchase.

What are Byte-at-Night Aligners?

Byte-at-Night aligners are the nighttime version of the teeth alignment system on offer from this brand. Instead of wearing your aligners for 22-hours each day, you only need to wear them for 10-hours.

You fit them a few hours before retiring to bed and keep them in while you sleep. In the morning, you remove the aligners and go about your normal day.

According to Byte reviews, the treatment time for the nighttime system is longer than the daytime version. However, it's a convenient alternative for those people that can't wear aligners during the day.

Are the Byte-At Night Aligner Reviews accurate?

As mentioned, Byte-at-Night is an at-home teeth alignment system. That means that you don't need any trips to the dentist's office.

To start with Byte-at-Night, you order your impression kit from the official company website. After receiving your kit, take a mold of your mouth, and send it to the dental team at Byte for review. If the team feels you're a candidate, they notify you to make payment for your treatment.

After paying, Byte delivers your aligners to you in a few weeks, and you start your treatment. It's important to note that the Byte-at-Night system is only suitable for use with minor teeth issues relating to gapping and crowding. Severe dental problems require treatment from a qualified orthodontist.

Byte also sends you the HyperByte device with your purchase of nighttime aligners. The HyperByte fits the aligner, sending sonic vibrations through the aligner to help it seat properly. The result is faster treatment time.

How Much Do Byte-At-Night Aligners Cost?  

So, what does Byte at Night cost? The Byte nighttime aligners price is steeper than the daytime version. You can get the daytime aligners for $1,895, but the nighttime treatment costs you $2,295.

You can take the aligners on credit, with the Bytepay service offering you 12 monthly payments of $99, with a downpayment of $449.

The reason for the price increase is the addition of the HyperByte device and the Smile Protection Plan. With BytePay, all customers get a 5-year "Smile Protection Plan," covering biannual retainer replacements, and you get two free replacements if you lose a retainer.

The Byte-at-Night system is more expensive compared to other options like SmileDirectClub. However, the HyperByte device and the Smile Protection Plan add more value to the brand's offer.

Byte-at-Night vs day time aligners

The byte-at-Night aligners are slightly thicker than the day time version. They feature design and construction with durable BPA-free plastic that's grind-resistant.

Is Byte safe for my teeth and gums?

Yes, Byte is entirely safe for your teeth and gums.

Does Byte offer teeth whitening?

Yes, Byte offers a range of teeth whitening products on its site. You have options for whitening wands, complete whitening kits, gel refills, and light devices.

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

Invisalign costs around $7,000 for the treatment, and you'll need to take frequent trips to your dentist for a checkup and adjustment. With Byte-at-Night, you get the same service for a fraction of the cost.

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