Best Invisible Aligners: Byte, Smile Direct Club, and Candid Compared

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Are you tired of looking in the mirror at your crooked teeth? It's time to do something about your smile. At-home teeth straightening offers you an affordable and effective way of restoring your smile.

In this review, we'll unpack the offer around the best invisible aligners including Byte. Smile Direct Club, and Candid.  

It's a close call, but Byte is the winner

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Byte's industry leading treatment time of 3 months along with its easy to use impression kit make it our top pick


  • At-home smile correction with results in 3 months
  • Affordable compared the Smile Direct Club and Candid
  • HyperByte device accelerates treatment times
  • Credit services available


  • Not ideal for those with serious dental issues
  • Requires purchase of impression kit [Save $65 with our special offer]

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We have to give the award of the best invisible aligners to Byte.

With Byte, you get an affordable treatment cost that's less than Candid and SmileDirectClub. However, Byte stands out with its fast treatment times and plenty of positive customer testimonials.

How Does At-Home Smile Correction Work?

At-home smile correction requires no trips to the dentist's office. You follow this procedure for getting straight teeth.

  • Order your impression kit online or visit a retail location for a scan.
  • Take your impressions and mail them to the company.
  • The team of dentists decides if you qualify.
  • If you are eligible, you receive all your clear aligners and retainers in the mail.
  • You start with the first aligner, moving onto the next one in the series every two weeks.
  • At the end of the treatment, you have perfectly straight teeth.
  • During the process, you have remote access to a dental professional managing your treatment.

What are the Top Invisible Aligner Brands?

SmileDirectClub – Smile Direct Club is the leader in at-home smile correction. Founded in 2013, the company has helped straighten over 1-million smiles.

Byte – This company is a newcomer to the market founded in 2017. Byte invisible aligners offer you affordable teeth straightening and the use of the latest technology innovations.

Candid – Candid is the most expensive option for at-home teeth straightening. They have plenty of positive user reviews.

What Is the Cost of At Home Smile Correction?

Let's look at the costs of the leading brands in at-home smile correction.

Byte Review

The Byte impression kit retails for $99, but the site is currently running a discount promotion, offering the kit for $29.99.

The day treatment price is $1,895, and you have the opportunity to take it on credit with BytePay. BytePay charges a $349 down payment and $83 per month for 29-months.

The Byte-at-night treatment costs you $2,295 upfront, or take it on credit with BytePay for $449 down and 29 monthly payments of $99.

Both daytime and nighttime treatments come with the HyperByte device included in the purchase price. Customers signing up for the Byte-at-Night system get the 5-year Smile Protection plan included with their treatment, including two replacement retainers if you lose yours.

Smile Direct Club Review

SDC offers you daytime and nighttime treatment at the same cost of $1,950. You have the option of taking it on SmilePay credit, with a downpayment of $250 and monthly payments of $85 per month for 24-months.

Smile Direct Club offers you an impression kit for $59, or you can visit any of the SmileShops across the country for a free scan.

Candid Review

Candid only make daytime aligners, and they charge $2,400 for the treatment. That makes Candid the most expensive option for your treatment. You have the option of taking it on credit with a $399 downpayment and 24 monthly payments of $99.

The impression kit costs $95, or you can get a free scan at any Candid studio in malls across the United States.

What are the Pros and Cons of SmileDirectClub?


  • Effective at-home smile correction
  • Day and nighttime aligner options
  • Leading brand with over 1-million satisfied customers


  • More expensive than Byte

What are the Pros and Cons of Candid?


  • Effective at-home smile treatment
  • No dentist visits
  • Free scans at Candid Studios


  • The most expensive at-home treatment

We have also done a detailed comparison between Smile Direct Club and Byte.  

What are the best invisible aligners?

We recommend Byte as the best invisible aligner system. Byte offers you faster treatment times than other at-home brands, thanks to the HyperByte device. Byte has competitive treatment costs, and you can take the aligners on credit with BytePay.

Do invisible aligners really work?

Yes, invisible aligners produce the same results as traditional braces, but in less time. Clear aligners are a removable straightening solution, and you don't have to deal with a mouthful of metal every day.

Can I pay for my at-home smile correction with my HSA or FSA account?

If you have an HSA/FSA account but no card, Byte issue you a receipt for reimbursement. If you have insurance, check to see if the policy covers orthodontic treatment. Many insurers work with Byte, allowing you to save on the costs of your treatment. Speak to your insurer and ask them if they cover treatments with the D8040 code.

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