Best Clear Aligners for Overbite: Detailed Comparison

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Is your crossbite starting to cause you issues? People with a crossbite can develop adverse conditions like bruxism and headaches, causing them discomfort.

If you're wondering how to fix a crossbite, it requires an assessment by a qualified orthodontist. The practitioner takes a mold of your mouth and uses it to fit you for Invisalign or braces.

Typically, the costs of these treatments can be north of $6,500. Therefore, it's out of reach for most Americans, especially those without health insurance.

However, with an at-home clear aligner system, you can resolve minor crossbite issues with your teeth. This post looks at the best clear aligners for crossbite and makes recommendations on the best brand for your treatment.

We recommend Candid as the Best Clear Aligner for Crossbite 

Unlike many other clear aligner options, Candid works with orthodontists and digital at-home treatment plan to treat your alignment concerns.


  • High quality BPA free 
  • Digital monitoring solution
  • Several financing options including Bytepay 
  • Includes a free retainer
  • 3 month treatment time
  • Includes lifetime guarantee 


  • No studio available for scans
  • Cannot treat very bad cases of misalignment 

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The best clear aligners for crossbite require orthodontist guidance.  Fortunately Candid offers treatment times under 6 months and allows you to get an impression kit shipped to your home.  Comparing across price, treatment time, and quality we believe Candid is the best option.

Best Clear Aligners for Crossbite


Candid is the premium provider in the at-home aligner market. This company is ideal for resolving orthodontic issues like crossbite. Founded in 2017, Candid uses real orthodontists in your care and follow-up process.

Why Choose Candid?

Candid works with orthodontists and you communicate with them through a dedicated app on your smartphone. With each follow-up, you insert your smartphone into the scanning kit provided with your aligners. The results go directly to your doctor, and they manage every step of your treatment remotely.

What Does Candid Cost?

Candid is the most expensive at-home aligner option for resolving your crossbite. Since it works with real orthodontists, it has higher operating costs and needs to charge more.

The standard price for the Candid treatment is $2,400. You can get it on credit for $399 down and 24 monthly payments of $99. However, Candid is currently running a promotion where you can save $500 on the kit's costs, bringing the price down to $1,900 – that's a great deal.


  • The best remote managed orthodontic care
  • Innovative scanning tools
  • Free assessments at the Candid Studio


  • Expensive (unless you purchase it upfront using code BYE2020 at checkout)


Byte is one of the new-generation players in the at-home teeth-straightening space. This company has a unique offering, at its one of the better choices for at-home aligners.

Why Choose Byte?

Byte has a reasonable offer, with nighttime and daytime aligner systems available. The standout from Byte is the HyperByte device, included with your order.

The HyperByte attaches to your aligner, emitting sonic pulses through the aligner as you seat it to your teeth. The result is a better fit, less discomfort, and a faster treatment time.

What Does Byte Cost?

If you want to commit to the Byte system, the company charges an upfront cost of $1,895 for its aligners, free the HyperByte included, and free teeth whitening. The system is available on terms with $349 down and 29 monthly installments of $83.

Byte-at-Night is the companies nighttime aligner solution. It's slightly more expensive, but it comes with extra aligners, retainers, and the Byte Protection Plan. With BPP, you get two free retainer replacements a year.

The Byte-at-Night system costs $2,295, or take it on credit for $449 down and 29 monthly installments of $99.


  • The innovative HyperByte device comes included with your treatment
  • More affordable than SDC or Candid


  • The most expensive financing terms
  • Expensive nighttime solution
  • No managed orthodontic follow-up
  • No free scanning studio

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club is the market leader in at-home aligners. Founded in 2014, they have more than 1-million satisfied customers.

Smile Direct Club Costs

SDC offers you its system for a cash price of $1,950. If you want to finance the treatment, you can take it for $250 down and 24 monthly installments of $89. The night time and daytime systems have the same prices, but you might need to pay for a few extra aligners to complete your nighttime treatment.

Why Choose Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club has the base offer that all other companies use as the benchmark. Both nighttime and daytime systems are the same price, and you get the best teeth whitening kit free with your purchase – but that's about all they have to offer.


  • More than 1-million satisfied customers
  • An established brand, founded in 2014
  • Includes the best whitening kit free with purchase
  • Free teeth scanning at SmileShops


  • No HyperByte device
  • No in-person consultation during treatment

The Verdict

Crossbite is a severe dental issue requiring treatment by a qualified orthodontist. It's for this reason that we recommend Candid as the best choice for your clear aligner system. Candid is the only company working with a full team of orthodontists.

Candid provide you with an innovative scanning tool to complete your assessments as you progress through your aligners. A real orthodontist looks at your scans and adjusts your treatment based on the data.

The other two companies provide remote care during the process, but it's nowhere near what you get with Candid. Candid might be the most expensive option in the at-home aligner market, but the seasonal sale and $500 discount makes it a no-brainer for the best clear aligner for crossbite.

Save 50% off the purchase of your Candid Starter Kit

Can clear aligners fix a crossbite?

Yes, clear aligners can fix crossbite in adults. However, it's only suitable for mild cases of the condition.

Can Invisalign correct a crossbite?

Yes, Invisalign can correct most mild cases of a crossbite in adults and teens. However, like Candid and the rest of the aligners systems, it's only meant to resolve mild cases. If you have a severe crossbite, you'll need to visit an orthodontist for consultation and assessment of your issue.

Why doesn't Candid have ADA approval?

Since you don't receive fitment for your aligners in an orthodontist's chair, the ADA refuses to recognize Candid as an ADA-approved device. However, Candid only works with qualified orthodontists, following up through the Candid app on your phone.

Does Candid work with my health insurance?

Yes, Candid works with leading health insurance companies. Contact your insurer and ask if your policy covers orthodontic treatment using the code: D8090. Candid also works with HSA/FHA accounts; enquire for details.


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