Best At-Home Clear Aligners for Teeth Reviews: Treatment Time, Cost, and Quality Compared

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Are you trying to decide on the best at-home aligner solution for straightening your teeth? We understand that you want the best treatment available. The top brands offer similar services, with very different components.

Who deserves your business?

In our best clear aligners for teeth reviews, we look at the offerings from three of the market leaders: Smile Direct Club, Candid, and Byte.  We compare the treatment time, treatment process, price, insurance coverage, and impression options.  

It's a close call, but Byte is the winner

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We recommend you go with Byte. The shorter treatment time is a tremendous advantage, and the costs are the same as Smile Direct Club.


  • High quality BPA free 
  • Digital monitoring solution
  • Several financing options including Bytepay 
  • Includes a free retainer
  • 3 month treatment time
  • Includes lifetime guarantee 


  • No studio available for scans
  • Cannot treat very bad cases of misalignment 

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The best clear aligners for teeth combine treatment quality, cost, and convenience.  We recommend Byte given its industry leading treatment time of 3 months and easy to use impression kit that is delivered conveniently to your home.  

Byte Clear Aligner

Under Neeraj Gunsagar, Byte developed into one of the market leaders in the at-home smile correction space.

The company launched in 2017, making it a newcomer. However, in the last three years, Byte managed to secure a decent market share thanks to its reasonable offer and its innovative treatment tools.

Byte aligners come in daytime and nighttime options, with financing available on your treatment costs. The company works with insurers, helping to reduce your treatment costs if your policy provides the coverage.

Byte Cost

Byte offers you its daytime treatment for a price of $1,895. You can take it on credit for $349 down and 29 monthly payments of $83.

The nighttime solution comes with a price of $2,295. The financing option requires $449 down, with 29 monthly installments of $99.

The nighttime system comes with the BPP (Byte Protection Plan), offering you free replacement retainers if you lose yours or break it.

Why Should I Use Byte?

Byte introduces the innovative “HyperByte” Device. The HyperByte emits sonic bursts that help to seat the retainer against your teeth perfectly.

As a result, you get a faster treatment time with Byte, and less discomfort when adjusting to a new retainer.

Candid Clear Aligner

Since its launch in 2017, Nick Greenfield managed to position Candid as the premiere premium at-home teeth straightening service.

Candid has a lot to offer you for your treatment, with unique technology and the best care available in the industry.

Candid Cost 

Candid has the most expensive offer in the market. The company has to recover its costs of maintaining its orthodontic team in its business model.

With the pricing, Candid charges you a price of $2,400 for its system. The day and nighttime options are the same retainers; only you wear them for a shorter duration with the nighttime treatment.

Candid also offers you a credit facility for your treatment. You can get the Candid therapy with $399 down and 24 monthly payments of $99 per month.

Why Should I use Candid? 

What sets Candid apart from the competition is its managed orthodontic care. Unlike Byte and SDC that rely on a team of dentists and orthodontists, Candid only works with orthodontists. Essentially, you’re getting the Invisalign product, but with remote care management.

Candid also includes unique technology in its offering. When you receive your aligners, they come with a scanning tool that attaches to your phone. When your orthodontist requests and scan, you use the device to take an accurate image of your teeth.

The result is a faster treatment time and the best care in the at-home aligner industry.


  • The best orthodontic care
  • Innovative scanning tools
  • Faster treatment times


  • The most expensive option

Smile Direct Club Clear Aligner

Smile Direct Club is the market leader in at-home teeth straightening solutions. Smile Direct Club has more than 1-million satisfied customers worldwide, making it the most successful brand in the space.

With Smile Direct Club, you get a proven technology and an affordable treatment price. Smile Direct Club has an established reputation, launching in 2014 as the brainchild of founders Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman.

Smile Direct Club Costs

Smile Direct Club has one of the most affordable offerings, especially when you consider its reputation as the market leader.

With Smile Direct Club, you get the same clear aligner system as the other two brands in this review, with guided dental care through the treatment process. Smile Direct Club is a top choice if you’re looking for the most established brand in the at-home aligner market.

With Smile Direct Club, you get a treatment price of $1,950. You also have the option of taking it on credit using the SmilePay system. With SmilePay, you make a $250 downpayment and 24 monthly payments of $85.

Why Should I use Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club has a pretty average offering, and all the other providers look to improve upon it to some degree. Therefore, don’t expect anything outstanding about this service.

The biggest advantage they offer is the free LED light teeth whitening treatment included with your care package.


  • The market leader
  • Plenty of social proof with more than 1-million satisfied customers
  • The best teeth whitening option


  • Mid-range pricing
  • Not a 100% managed orthodontic solution

The Verdict

After breaking down the offering from the leading competitors, we feel that Byte deserves the award for the best clear aligner brand. This company has an affordable offering, credit services are available, and they offer you the unique HyperByte device included in your treatment.

Byte reviews show the company has a legion of satisfied customers and thousands of positive testimonials. Byte has a 4.9 rating on Google reviews, with more than 3,200-satisfied customers.

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Are clear aligners bad for your teeth?

No, clear aligners don’t cause any damage to teeth enamel. Invisalign is an ADA and FDA approved treatment, with registration as a Class II medical device. At-home aligners are essentially the same product as Invisalign.

Can clear aligners fix crowded teeth?

Yes, clear aligners are the ideal choice for fixing minor problems involving the overcrowding of teeth. However, if you have severe dental issues involving overcrowding and narrowing the palette, it’s better to see an orthodontist.

Will clear aligners damage my teeth or gums?

No. all the systems mentioned in this review are entirely safe for your teeth and gums. When using the aligners, you might feel slight discomfort every time you change your aligner for the new one. That’s perfectly normal, and the pain settles in a day or two.


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